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blue sky cosmical filter special sunset
Product: Colors of Sky HD Pack includes :
Colors of Sky HD pack based on real pictures taken by professional photographers with years of experience. You will definitely be amazed by the beauty of the sky from these high resolution and high picture quality textures.
  • Blue sky x 22
  • Sunset sky x 17
  • Cosmical sky x 10
  • Filter sky x 9
  • Special sky x 4
Colors of Sky in HD is repacked from previous Colors of Sky pack (sky dome props with sky resolution of 2048x1600.) All sky pictures in Colors of Sky in HD are 4096 x 3200 in resolution allowing you to work on a much larger scene such as the height map terrain system. It is saved in iSky format. File size : 75.6 MB
For iClone 5.5 or above!
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