Now iClone users can create amazing cartoon animations with the new G5 Cartoon characters like Gorf; available exclusively with the iClone5 Device Mocap Plug-in!

Create awesome cartoon projects with this resource pack that contains the original Gorf character, its toon shaded version plus smart iScript props and a physics-activated scenery for live mocap interaction.

Facial Puppet with iScript
The G5 Cartoon Characters Gorf is the new generation of iClone5 actors with enhanced controls for dramatic facial performances that manipulate your character’s eyelids, ears, facial muscles and pupils!
Standard Character Bone +
10 Cartoon Motions
The cartoon character is made with G5 standard character bones which means that you can apply any motion from the content library and do further motion layer editing. This character also contains 10 cartoon-like motions which allow you to use pre-determined animations to better fit it’s personality.
Users can also get this destructible physics props which can be activated to destruct with real physics. No longer do we need to have props collapse in the same way. Now we can activate real physics to witness an unlimited amount of different possibilities.
This Mocap Resource Pack also contains a physics-activated project, complete with scenery and props that interact with characters. Create an enchanted mushroom forest with Gorf and Rolf, and iProps that flash and sound when touched!
Soft Tumbler
Soft tumblers are flexible mushrooms that bounce and sway upon interaction. Use them to populate a forest or as a makeshift drum set!
Shinning Pedal
Create an illuminated forest bed with these shinning pedals that light up when stepped on.
Flex Drape
This Flex Drape iProp is just like an old-fashioned wind chime that jingles when touched.
A Dream Come True…
Bring all your Mocap components together and experience the magic of finally animating characters with your own body.

iClone5 now literally opens the flood gates to a world of unlimited possibilities with the new Mocap Device plug-in.

Included in this project are toon shaded versions of Gorf,and his nerdy cousin Rolf.

iClone5 now allows you to toon shade any scene or character by activating the feature in the Atmosphere tab. These two G5 characters have been specially modified as we manually adjusted the textures to look best in toon style.
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