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Assemble Body Parts and Scale Body Shape
Puppet Facial Features and Accessories
Morph Head and Lip-sync
Apply Motions to Monsters (See Monster Motion Packs)
Various Materials for Monster Avatars
Monster Live Demo

Try 3 different monster characters in Unity3D, live! Each monster has its own motions, just use the functional keys to control its movement and alter the colors. Click the image to experience the live demo.


Play Instruction

Navigator : WASD
Shift : Sprint
Space : Jump
Other keys : Perform animations
Camera angle : Left-mouse button
Zoom camera : Mouse wheel


What's included:

  • Monster Bases x 3
    Indigo, Peach, Groucho
  • Puppeteer Parts x 25
    Eyes, Eyestalk, Eyebrows, Ears, Fins, Wing, Horns and Tails.
  • Spring Parts x 20
    Hair, Ears, Fins, Horns, Tails and Wings
  • Character Accessories x 14
  • Props x 11
  • Shoes x 2
  • Monster Profiles x 3 (separate installer)
  • Material Bonus x 222

What's Not included:

  • Avatar Builder
    The Avatar Builder allows you to define the animation properties of your own controller UI. To know more about Avatar Builder, please click here.
Avatar Toolkit2 Puppet Controller
Simple drag the Puppet Controller into the stage window in order to control your character’s full facial expressionsand adjust, in great detail – its eyes, eyebrows, ears and others like fins, tails and so on..
Product: Avatar Toolkit Series - Monster Workshop Vol.1

Monster Workshop Vol.1 is a revolutionary 3D character content pack designed to work with Avatar Toolkit Plug-in, which you can puppet and animate your own custom creatures using the super easy Avatar Toolkit user interface. This pack contains dozens of animation-ready creature components along with more than 200 materials that perfectly match any Toon Avatar base. Create unlimited varieties of monster characters by combining monster eyes, eyebrows, ears, tails and fins. Apply iMotion clips to them or use iClone's animation tools to drive their body movement and bring them to life.

Assemble Body Parts and Scale Body Shape

Assemble from the library of puppet-ready components - eyes, eyebrows, ears, tails and fins to easily generate all kinds of wacky creatures. You can simply apply the components and move them to the right position and scale them for different results.You can design your own freaky or friendly looking monsters by scaling their body parts to resemble small but evil Gremlins, strong Goblins, Imps, or slender Elves. You can also mix-and-match exchangeable body parts to shape your character's own special look.

Puppet Facial Features and Accessories

After creating your own weird and wonderful monsters, try bringing them to life! Simply drag the Puppet Controller to the stage to control its facial expressions. From there you can animate the eyes and any facial or puppet body accessory using real-time puppet or keyframe methods. You can get great results and save a lot of time while you're at it!

Spring-dynamic Accessories

You can assemble monster creatures with additional sets of spring-dynamic accessories which react naturally to your monster's movement without the need for you to puppet them. They perfectly respond to any iMotion movement, and you can apply those spring components to any iClone characters to spice up your animation as well.

Morph Head and Lip-syncing

Monster Workshop introduces the morph-based head system to enhance the unique facial animation performance for each different character base. Each monster character is built with 32 facial morph targets for lip-syncing and expression control. You can open the iClone Puppeteering Panel, choose the corresponding facial profile for your monster, then use your mouse cursor to control your creature's unique mouth movement. This also works perfectly with audio Lip-Sync, so you can make your monster talk with uncanny realism.

Various Materials for Monster Avatars

This pack offers over 200 material varieties so you have a vast selection of color combinations to use with your monster. You can also adjust the character’s colors yourself as well as the material effects, or modify the texture maps with your own favorite paint tools.

Author : Reallusion
File size : 161 MB
For iClone 5.51 or above!

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Monster Workshop is now powered by Avatar Toolkit2! (If you are a previous Monster Workshop purchaser, you can download the new repack for free. Please check your member page.)