3DXchange5 opens the door to all 3D programs supporting FBX format output. FBX files are the most common media for high-level 3D data exchange and with support in 3DXchange5, users can import skin-bone models, multi-texture materials, and animation data for real-time animation in iClone.

The iClone Developer's Resource Pack is designed by professional iClone content creators, aiming to help iClone users quickly master the pipeline of importing animated characters from professional 3D tools such as 3ds Max, Maya, DAZ 3D and others. You may experience the one-click characterization with the popular standard rig like Biped, Human-IK or Daz Genesis. Through 3DXchange5 and our sample projects, users can save time and effort by building their own professional character creations.

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Dual Format Support - iClone Content and FBX Source Format

This resource pack contains characters, motions & props saved in iClone formats which users can directly load into iClone. The pack also comes with a separate FBX source file-set for advanced 3D content developers that use applications with FBX import capability.
This pack includes a zip file and an iClone content installer. 
The zip file contains FBX files, which can be imported into 3DXchange5 and converted into iClone characters and motions. You may edit your files with other 3D tools before converting. All texture maps are embedded inside the FBX files. The iClone content installer will install props, characters and motions into their target folders; which you can directly access inside iClone.

3 Sample Characters & Motions from Popular Tools

1. Realistic FBX Character –
Essential male and female characters from Daz Studio4 Genesis system


Genesis™ is a new line of 3D figures from DAZ, designed to provide more versatility and customizability than any single 3D figure before. Genesis consists of a common base figure from which a huge range of other 3D figures can be derived. All Genesis figures utilize the same core rig and 3D mesh from the base Genesis figure that they are built from. The Genesis base mesh is around 37,000 polygons, which is friendlier to iClone’s real-time rendering compared to it’s super high-polygon V4 and M4 predecessors. The Genesis texture maps are logically separated into head, body, torso, teeth and eyes. The UV map design is well organized for texture modification, with a 1024x1024 texture size for each map which are detailed enough for most camera views. The bone rig is made with the standard Genesis character system, which you can easily use to convert FBX characters into iClone motion-ready characters. This sample DAZ Genesis character shows you the average quality of a Genesis character, and it also demonstrates how you can use FBX files in the conversion process for iClone.

Content Author
  • Daz 3D


Files Included
  • 2 FBX and 2 iAvatar files (111,000 polygons, 1K texture size; converted from it’s original 4K texture); 4 BVH and 4 iMotion files

What you can learn from this pack
  • Convert DAZ Genesis characters into iClone using the preset Genesis template.
  • Experience the great compatibility between DAZ4 Genesis and iClone motions.
  • Learn how to modify Genesis standard multiple-channel texture maps (diffuse, specular, bump).
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2. Game-ready FBX Character -
Templar Knight with Standard 3DS Max Biped Rig and BVH-format Motions

This game-engine friendly character is brought to you by Arteria 3D and our top Marketplace content seller Big Boss, and includes 4 unique game motions provided by Sen.  This 6,700 polygon model contains high-res skin texture to produce a character of exceptional appearance that can be animated in real-time with iClone.  The bone rig is the standard 3DS Max Biped template, which allows it to be converted to an iClone Non-standard character in 3DXchange 5 with a couple of clicks thanks to the compatibility of the rigging UI with that particular template.  This character can easily be brought from FBX format into iClone and animated, then exported out once again into your game project or animation.  Included with the BVH files are four dynamic game character motions that can also be converted into iMotion format and applied to the character within iClone.  This model and animation pack provides a great example for how simply you can convert 3DS Max Biped characters back and forth with 3DXchange5.

Content Author
  • BigBoss & Arteria3D


Files Included
  • 1 FBX and 1 iAvatar files (6,700 polygons); 1 iAccessory; 3 FBX and iMotion files

What you can learn from this pack
  • How to fast convert characters using 3ds Max Character Biped bone structure using preset templates.
  • Learn how to convert Biped BVH formats into iClone iMotion files.
  • Obtain great visual quality with low polygon characters containing high-res multiple-channel texture maps.
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3. Cute Cartoon FBX Character –

Pocket Pet Foxy Creature Base Model with Free Hierarchy Rig

Content Author
  • 3D Universe

Files Included
  • 1 FBX and 1 iAvatar files (31,000 polygons), 3 iProp files; 8 iMotion files (Poses)

What you can learn from this pack
  • Experience the full converting procedure for a custom bone-rigged character for iClone.
  • Generate a correct T-Pose for a unique bone structure, and calibrate the posture.
  • Use 3DXchange5’s custom bone mapping procedure to finalize the iAvatar conversion.
  • Test the results using iClone’s character iMotion library, puppet editor or the HumanIK layer editing feature.
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Cuteness overload!  Foxy is a great-looking and high-res character with colorful skin and cloth texture created by 3D Universe, and provided to you in FBX format.  This model is in it’s unique bone hierarchy, meaning that it has its own custom rig which requires more detailed bone-mapping steps by the user.  This character is included as a sample to give you a chance to follow the steps involved in rigging a character that does not conform to any of the standard templates provided in 3DXchange 5.  Foxy is a great example of a dynamic and cartoon-like model that can be used in any fun-filled video game or animation project!

  FBX MB iAvatar MB iMotion Quantity
Genesis_Female 15 47 4
Genesis_Male 18 62 4
Templer 18 31 3
Foxy 6


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