Why AE Users Use Cartoon Animator (CTA)?

Cartoon Animator is the most efficient

2D animation software

in the industry. You can rig to


images, make characters with smooth 360 head turn, employ audio lip sync and expressive facial animations, access vast character and motion resources, control characters with

2D mocap

, and wield a comprehensive PSD pipeline to rapidly customize characters. CTA adds a powerful pipeline for AE production, and through the AE Script you can reconstruct your exported CTA projects as AE layers, bringing the highest flexibility on final compositing and VFX editing in After Effects.
Animate Any Photo
  • Everything in your daily life can be animated. For example, your family photos, toy pictures, paintings and more.
  • The 2D Bone Editor has all the tools to structure sophisticated bone rigs. Users can use pins to constrain areas to selected bones, and optimize subdivision topology for smoother bending effects.

Fast Rigging Templates
  • To save time and effort on custom bone-rigging, we provide full-body

    rigged character

    templates to utilize shared bones structures.
  • Artists can use their favorite PSD tools for round-trip Draw-to-Animation editing.
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2D Characters

with 360 Head Turn
  • The 3D Head Creator transforms 2D art into 3D styled characters with up to 360 degrees of motion for life-like performances.
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Expressive Face Puppet
  • A stunning Face Puppet tool includes six emotion styles - neutral, delightful, sad, angry, happy, and surprised
  • Easily animate character faces with your mouse! Know More >
  • Customize character facial expressions with the Face Key tool.
  • Works with the 360 Head system, so that characters can emote while head turning. Know More >


in Less than 10 Seconds
  • Do complex animations by using pre-animated motion clips.
  • Easily blend and edit motions in the Timeline.
  • Add character motions from a vast motion library or Content Store.
  • Converting 3D motions into 2D animations. Know More >

2D Motion Capture

: Animate with your Face, Body and Hands

The 2D Motion LIVE plugin for Cartoon Animator is a unique 2D mocap solution that connects industry-leading motion capture devices to control characters and live digital puppets inside Cartoon Animator for a combination of face, body and hand solution with real-time animation. Learn More 

The 2D Vault of Characters,
Scenes and Props

Smart Export to

After Effects

This feature lets users export image sequences and JSON files of scenes and characters. With the

AE Script

for Cartoon Animator,
you can easily import your


work processed in CTA, to After Effects, for further

post production


Flexible output options for After Effects

  • Export the entire CTA project, or selected items, to

    After Effects

  • Export the transparent videos (.mov) by objects.
  • Freedom to progressively add new animated objects to AE scenes, or replace the old ones.