Character Creator 4
Issue 8750
list of suggestions for cc4
If you are going to ask us to place suggestions and stuff in feedback tracker, it would be helpful to know its being viewed and taken into consideration by the development team at reallusion, so that we not just writing into the wind on wishful suggestions.

bodyshot: just like headshot but a tool to do the same with bodies/torsos

genitalia: I still dont know why this has not been added to the software but its something that is generally needed to create characters and not just for perverts to have fun, some people actually require these things for anatomy study and might want to create references that isn't photography based.

spring animations: Just like the spring animations for the chest, or tail depending what character/creature you using, a spring animation should be something you can add not just in 1 area but in areas that physics can apply too. Belly, bum, arms, legs, even neckline. Adding spring bones to the current base model or allowing the additional add of these would greatly improve the realism of characters, such as breathing, subtle movements.

mesh editor advanced: Adding mesh to current mesh could allow the users to create something unique from the base and when that is combined with my other suggestion for skingen, it will create a better overall software.

skin gen advanced: The skin gen is a great tool but it can be so much better. The way images/textures are applied to the map is awful, in many cases it does not apply directly over the seams but instead you get a line right down the middle where 1 body joins onto another. You cant place a tattoo on the back without it cutting off at the arms, head. If for example you wanted a back tattoo but the tattoo was going to end just at the top of the neck and go across shoulders to arms, you would have to use a different software to do this because its just not doable with current skingen, the tattoo would never line up. Blenders tool to create a stensil to apply to the areas you want works very well so it would be great to have that in cc4. Advanced skin gen could also open the possability to create additional maps to areas that or newly created and not just using the same texture from same map, in other words if you wanted to create a tail, the texture would be that of the torso but if you could create a seperate map for this area you select in mesh editor advanced, you could generate a whole list of newly created mesh parts with there own skin maps made by the users.

To give a further example of this, I want to create a tail, I open mesh editor advance and create a new mesh in the selected area of my choice. You select how many mesh points you want so you can make it as simple or complex as you like it (providing your computer can handle it) once the mesh is made, you can name it and begin moving the mesh the way you want it, this also creates an option in skin gen advanced to select the new mesh area to map out and edit. The additional map is added to the list the same as eyes, face, body and so on. Because of the changes I mentioned in advanced skin gen, you will easly be able to create a texture map for this area.

Thank you for reading and please give some feed back on posts people make on feedback tracker so they know they not wasteing their time.
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