iClone 7
Issue 6413
iProjects MERGE option rather than replace when trying to load - essential for big scene building and switching assets
First upon double clicking a different project file the user will be presented with a new dialogue that allows the user to select which environmental/visual and render settings or models to merge with the current open project.

iproject can retain more scene setup information than saving as any other format that creators wouldn't have to keep building from scratch.

I have several complex scenes setup of various types of characters to work with Iray for example.

If iproject files aren't capable perhaps create another format that we can save our projects to and merge with others.

I looked on the forum to see if anyone else has been looking into this.. apparently there was a big thread about this 8 years ago!!

Not having this feature is a major creative handicap and wastes a lot of time rebuilding each scene as one from scratch.
OS: Windows 10
This should/could be added for iClone 8 if the developers are also adding more optimizing suitable for cached animated meshes, alembic etc  The project build times for film making would be huge! -create a bunch of small functional animations & scenes then merge them. It would also help save primary scenes if for example the merged scene got corrupted etc it would then be easier and a relief to start over with a new scene merge project.

So I think a good format definition and name might be  .iMergeProj and could be listed in it's own iMergeProj category.