Character Creator 3
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Issue 5438
false advertising
totally pissed off your character creator only does half the shit you state it does and that's if you can get it to work, the goz carrying textures imprinted onto the polys, which is a total nightmare, it exports the eyes and teeth to a position below the feet, which is of no f***ing use what so ever coz if you move then you f up the export, export is on the wrong world axis to do any proper work or sculpting... so it's a total bitch if bring in a goz coz the eyes are down by the feet, but if you move either the eyes, teeth or body the goz import back to CC3 f's up... deformation sucks due to rig lacking support in places, as there aren't enough polys to support deformation, trying to create zbrush morphs is a nightmare coz nothing lines up with character creator, WASTED MY F*ING MONEY - DREADING GOING INTO ICLONE 7 IS THAT GOING TO BE WORSE!!? AND YOU STATED WE COULD USE PBR MATERIALS AND DECALS, THAT'S A LIE WHAT A PILE OF SHIT!!! really wanted to create my own displacement texture maps for use with substance pbr, but that seems to be out of the window as the shit doesn't work, but in your promo vid looks great... what total bullshit! example below of the same character but one exported from daz the other from cc3, guess which is which...
OS: Windows 10
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