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Universal Distributed Render Farm - Empower Creators & The Marketplace
Universal Distributed Render farm Service that can pay users for Rendering Project files Iray, Indigo & others (maybe Alembic as well)

1.The author up loads many small parts of Iray scene file as a zip

2.Once uploaded into a slot, the Author has to pay with DA points first before work slots are published to users.

3. Users chose a clip slot that no one else has selected/rendered yet (has time limits)

4.clips available to the user have a render time limit for the part they selected and must be rendered within that time alotted or it becomes available to other users.

5. Once a clip is fully rendered, Iray packages it into an encrypted zip (unencrypted with the author's clip Iray Scene slot to prevent tampering

6. the person that rendered it uploads the zip and all frames are visible to the Author to report tampering or to accept the clip as complete. OR frames are uploaded instantly to the work slot, each frame completed is used to help calculate payment to that particular user/machine.

7.once accepted, payment it given to Reallusion for their Distributed Render service.
[[Standalone renderer should be made free to the public but locked to only accept encrypted project data from the Reallusion server so any one with a GPU can make money and earn DA points or convert to cash if they are a developer]] If the user has Multiple instances of their renderer and if supported they could enable Renderfarm and autodetect other stand alone renderers on their network and additionally enable cloud rendering (GPU work slot becomes available to all to enable faster payout)
Users can assign multiple computers to a single work slot so each computer can upload directly to the work slot online rather than the slower network render process sending it to a main computer first.

- However, the Renderers over the users network could check to determine the current data the other machine might be working on so it can skip to process the next frame. In case of team remote rendering, this would likely require the standalone renderer to connect to a database of all the machines connected to the work slot to determine what machines are currently working on a particular frame but will add it to a que if a particular frame isn't rendered in within a normal time.

---Why have a service when some* commercial farms exist?---
1.It helps people earn money with their own CPU/GPU capabilities when they are not utilizing them and users can then either collect DA points to make marketplace purchases or receive income if they are a developer.

2.No central render que -unlimited users/machines means the service will not have a waiting list.
The faster and more processing power users have the faster they can get paid and the more users equal a #1 unmatched speed for customers and also inspires users to share their processing power to get paid.

1. Author's name is not published for privacy concerns.
2.Clip size /render time estimate could be made available and the amount of DA points they will Earn from the job
3.If the clip/job isn't rendered in an expected amount of time based on the computer specs, the slot/job becomes available to others to render.
4. Reallusion's Server detects the GPU type for compatibility to avoid processing delays.
5. Standalone GPU plugin download might be available free as a Reallusion service that only works through smart contracts between the client(GPU Provider) and server only. If not free then the second option is to first verify the client's(GPU Provider's) GPU Plugin license (Iray, Indigo etc) -this second option will result in less revenue for Reallusion because although there might be incentive for new users to buy a license to earn money, there obviously will be less people that actually get the license unless it was provided for free.
6. The GPU provider can only accept the amount of jobs based on how many servers the GPU provider actually has and only one job can be assigned to a computer at a time. For example If the user only has 2 computers, only two slots/jobs can be selected to render and each will be assigned to it's own computer.
7.Again jobs accepted would be downloaded as an encrypted file like a zip and when rendering the images are added to a separate encrypted Zip that is uploaded to the server and potentially replaces the in the slot with ""

I understand Reallusion is always working on improving it's native Real-time Render but there maybe limits that it will never be able to match with GPU Raytracing and on going Rendering features such as hair/fur that other companies have spent years developing. I believe this is currently the best way to leverage time & computing power available to all users and give everyone the ability to have the highest render quality.

I added the word "Universal" to the title because I was thinking of a gradual plugin adoption by Reallusion which could expand their market and allow new users to easily adopt Reallusion products with Renderers they prefer.
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