Character Creator 4
Issue 11003
Troublesome - we don't have Mirror either Left or Right Skin Weights to opposite bone - Mirror option to opposite bone desperately needed
Problem: For the longest time, the mirror option in CC4 had been mirroring the weights to the other side of the model on a bone that is either designated as left or right.

Solution: It makes more sense if you make mirroring to opposite bone default (if the bone is named left or _L or _Right or _R ) and make it optional to make mirroring weights to the opposite side on the same bone, otherwise it's not very intuitive and extra manual work is currently always required.

Any bone that does not contain Left or Right in the bone name, should probably have automatic mirroring to both sides by default for faster and ease of workflow. It's usually when we have custom characters that need indifferent weights for unique outcomes that we would have to disable mirroring to the opposite bone.

Skin weights should probably be added as a category in the product Tag.
Again please also make painting weight brush scale based off screen space % not absolute because as a universal character creator, we should not be limited to Human scale. Zooming out painting larger creatures makes the brush scale so tiny that it barely has any coverage.
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted byAscensi
To be clear, users should have two mirroring types
1. Default Automatic Mirroring on bones that aren't designated left or right - with the option to disable mirroring.
2. Automatic Default Mirroring to other side on opposite bones if the bone is designated left or right.

Manual mirroring to opposite bones are often tedious, not exact and are extremely time consuming!