iClone 7
Issue 8129
Texture resolution Swap for both Real Time playback & Rendering -for GPU/CPU & Native Render, Faster Physics Calculation etc -system wide speed increase
You provided the option to users to force the max texture resolution size for the entire project, how about based on camera proximity and a raycast from camera scan, props can be pre-calculated to reduce resolution? -what isn't seen by the camera and doesn't need to show in reflections is reduced to a fallback resolution?

At this time I'm forced to go through my project, split the project and or exported Iray Scene in parts the between start and end frames and either lower prop's resolution or increase it to get a faster render.

So while it's good that with Iray we can at least lower resolution for each prop and optimally apply it to those in the distance or close up if she shot is blurred anyway, I think we need to apply a dynamic smart resolution mechanism. The time and cost of Rendering and prepping for it is crazy if we don't change this.

I've requested instaLOD for iClone before but I think taking it a step further and prescan the scene would be ideal or just convert all the props with InstaLOD. InstaLOD will create a lot more files and calculation time which users may not be able to afford so instead if you can make it an option to reduce the texture resolution & compression only rather than making a new file this would be ideal.
OS: Windows 10
Here is the evidence of the problem: Drop a sphere in the scene, load 8k textures on it, start zooming out, you'll not see any reduction from video memory with current Mipmaps tech enabled. In my opinion it should be reducing the amount of memory loaded in ram real time as you zoom out.

 Automatic Texture LOD -Hi res textures swapped/streamed with lower res ones in the distance is essential. Maybe Reallusion Mipmap is broken? If not it hasn't evolved and textures should be streamed (reallocated for set distances) to reduce ram usage rather than be resident in memory. This is one of the great limitations of large scenes -not having enough memory.. iClone has a max texture setting option and I think this should be done per asset. Iray is partially smart this way allowing us to set the resolution for each material but this too should be dynamic based on distance!