Character Creator 3
Issue 7976
Strict Developer Mode option to Automatically hide system wide derivative Content
Hi Devs, this is a real big pain to have to work with, sometimes creators may not know what sliders are default with Character Creator and this creates a BIG problem for creators and customer support when creators find this issue. I don't want to have to redo work if I create content for customers that has derivative content that they would be required to own/buy if i can create morphs myself. I think it would be beneficial to avoid confusion and have a "Strict Dev mode" checkbox to avoid any chance of accidentally using other people's content. You will save us all time/money by doing so and have happy customers as a result.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
Hi Lianchiu, thanks for the tip, it's good but wasn't so obvious. I definitely think there should be a 1 button mode that hides all the morphs and any other assets connected that would customers  have to additionally purchase. It should have an obvious title to toggle like  "Developer Exclusive Mode" with the info popup (Hides all the morphs and any other assets connected that would require customers  to have to additionally purchase to be fully functional)

To save time, developers do want to go through a list sorting what has a green dot when instead the UI could be cleaned up showing all the core functionality/morphs included. This means default teeth model and textures, eyes etc. We don't know everything that is derivative so please just add a one button solution for strict mode.
Got it! Thank you for your feedback!

Lian RL
Take a look on this Thread!
We have this feature for it > Sliders with Green Dots Signify the Presence of DRM Protection

is this what you want to suggest?

Lian RL