Character Creator 3
Issue 8651
Software malfunction after graphics card upgrade
After I changed my membership criteria from "free" to "prime as directed, I didn't have issues using the software, which I fully paid for. I run a 3060TI RTX graphics card; spec wise would allow me more freedom to create stuff as opposed to the 1060 card
that teased the crap out of me. Having spent 45 days with their solutions dept, netted some of the worst experiences of people who don't know their job.

REGEDIT? - ran that canned answer multiple times
DEBUG? - What, you don't have Visual Studio but want me to use a third party software, riddled with viruses? Do I dare go around safety measures just to satisfy incompetence?

Activate,Deactivate - Everything pertaining to the HUB, SmartGallery, HeadShot/SkinGen/IC7/CC3 (where a clean install of
CC3.44 works at a 75% capacity.) My plugins, and licenses for FBX exporting are useless. The only way I could get the "clean install" was from Rampa, who even now suggest that the install he gave me, is a bootleg because the license to FBX file format
exportation, does not exist? Puzzling as it seems, I have the threads to back it up!

I'm just trying to get what I paid for to work within the parameters it's supposed - I know I'm not the only one who's been through this.

WINPro, 64bit ASUS TUFFMotherBoard/ GEOFORCE 3060TI RTX/ 8GB
OS: Windows 10
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