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Issue 9387
Skin weights are bugged since 4.2 update
Since I updated to 4.2 the clothing skin weights seem to be bugged.
The default shape of the clothing is always in A-Pose (not the ones that are available to use as poses but that weird one that has the legs close to each other, which is used with GO-Z).
So when I try to paint weight, the clothing vertices move to try to return to this strange A-Pose.
This is specifically problematic when I try to put 100% weights to clothing objects that need to remain rigid such as pouches, scabbards, hard surface clothing details and other stuff, which move and changing position when I apply 1 weight to them for their corresponding bones.
I spoke with Rampa in support and made a few videos to demonstrate this issue which I'm attaching links to below:
This is me demonstrating the issue with default CC assets:

And this is an older character made and skinned before the update that behaves as it used to and as it should:

Any solutions that were offered by support did not solve my issue so that is why I'm submitting the feedback here.
Hope this gets fixed soon as it completely destroys my workflow for creating customs clothing.
Many thanks.
OS: Windows 11
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Hi Meletis3D,

Thank you for your reply. 
After reviewing your project, did you use the 'Export FBX' feature in that corrupted project? 
We will be making some modifications to the character to ensure that it looks fine in pipeline software such as Maya; therefore, the data might undergo some changes. 
If you need the bind pose, you can use the 'Transfer Skin Weight' function, which will utilize the current pose in the viewport to re-skin the mesh.

Hey a.vvrobel, are you sure? It doesn't seem to be fixed on my end. If you put a shirt from the default clothing on and you select all vertices and weight them to the pelvis do they not move to A-Pose? Cause they do on my end... :(
It appears to be fixed in the latest update!
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Hi  meletis3d

Thanks for your Feedback,
Based on the following video content, can you provide your Project, including the characters and clothes used, so we can replicate this issue -39.mkv?dl=0

You can use cloud services such as Google Drive to make the files available to us and put the link in your comment. 
And, You can use Private Comment if you want to keep it private.
Thank you for your help.

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