iClone 7
Released in 7.3
Issue 3539
Root motion is not exported to .fbx and so is incompatible with Unreal Engine 4
I am trying to use iClone to bring characters and animations in to Unreal Engine . Specifically, I am using CC2 to create characters, Perception Neuron Solo to record animations, and 3DXchange to convert existing animations to the iClone standard.

I have been successful in importing characters as when you export from iClone 7 there is an option to match the UE4 skeleton and this includes the root bone. I can then use existing animations which have root motion - this is great!

The problem is with exporting animations from iClone. They match the skeleton, but exclude the root bone animation track. If there was root motion in the animation file then the root bone would be directly under the hips and a red line would trace the avatar's path.

I have also tried exporting using 3DXchange. This also does not include root motion and, in addition, does not match the UE4 standard skeleton. If it were able to export root motion I would consider batch converting all of my existing animations and using the 3DXchange skeleton, but at the moment there is no benefit to that.

I've tested to see if it is my animations by importing an animation which I know to have root motion to 3DXchange and exporting it for UE4. I find that the root motion has been removed.

This seems to be a bug with the FBX export in both iClone and 3DXchange, because the functionality in iClone strongly suggests root animation. For example, the ability to "align > root". Further, the export license and ability to export for "Unreal" strongly suggests compatibility with UE4. No root motion means no compatibility.

Software details:
iClone 7
iClone 3DXchange 7 Pipeline
Character Creator 2 for iClone
CrazyTalk 8 Pipeline.

All software is updated to the most recent patch.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAstonALIVE
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How is it going with the unreal engine 4 root motion issue? Still no solution for this?
How is it going with the unreal engine 4 root motion issue because this is really stalling my game development.
I am still waiting.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Dear AstonALIVE and All,

We have awarded that we didn't carry the root motion when exporting fbx. Our product team will discuss about the implementation in future releases.
Thank you for your patient.

Hi Realtimer, does that mean the dev team are working on this for the next release? Please keep us posted when you have a deadline for this fix. I am happy to provide any support I can with testing, etc.
Realtimer (RL)
Hi Guys, 

Our team is aware of this, and we are getting to work on it. 
Thank you for reporting it! 
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