iClone 7
Released in 7.3
Issue 3539
Root motion is not exported to .fbx and so is incompatible with Unreal Engine 4
I am trying to use iClone to bring characters and animations in to Unreal Engine . Specifically, I am using CC2 to create characters, Perception Neuron Solo to record animations, and 3DXchange to convert existing animations to the iClone standard.

I have been successful in importing characters as when you export from iClone 7 there is an option to match the UE4 skeleton and this includes the root bone. I can then use existing animations which have root motion - this is great!

The problem is with exporting animations from iClone. They match the skeleton, but exclude the root bone animation track. If there was root motion in the animation file then the root bone would be directly under the hips and a red line would trace the avatar's path.

I have also tried exporting using 3DXchange. This also does not include root motion and, in addition, does not match the UE4 standard skeleton. If it were able to export root motion I would consider batch converting all of my existing animations and using the 3DXchange skeleton, but at the moment there is no benefit to that.

I've tested to see if it is my animations by importing an animation which I know to have root motion to 3DXchange and exporting it for UE4. I find that the root motion has been removed.

This seems to be a bug with the FBX export in both iClone and 3DXchange, because the functionality in iClone strongly suggests root animation. For example, the ability to "align > root". Further, the export license and ability to export for "Unreal" strongly suggests compatibility with UE4. No root motion means no compatibility.

Software details:
iClone 7
iClone 3DXchange 7 Pipeline
Character Creator 2 for iClone
CrazyTalk 8 Pipeline.

All software is updated to the most recent patch.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAstonALIVE
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Christian Weingärter
Faceing the same issue version 7.1. Hope this is getting fixed soon, since iClone is not compatible with UE4 until its fixed... 
Ok, my workaround is simple:
Just make the animation in iclone that the character stay in position (0,0,0). Then import to ue4...
Open the animation, it opens in Persona. On the left side click on "Skeleton Tree" and select the "cc_Base_BoneRoot", the first bone.
Pause the animation and go to the first frame (0). Click on the "+ Key" symbol "Add Bone Transform to Additive Layer Tracks" on the top. 
Then move the animation bar to the end and move the bone in the direction, so far u liken, and press the "+ key" symbol again.
Now u have created your own root motion. I can crerate a click if u want, just let me know, if u want one.
Sorry to hear you're having issues HitEmUp - it is quite a bad bug for root motion pipelines! Best of luck finding a workaround in the meantime.

I've not heard anything from Reallusion since submitting this request. I have had an open ticket with their support team for 2 months and they have eventually said that it is not a support issue as it is a bug... The support team seem to have no way of contacting the developers team which I find strange. I was told they just ignore their emails, even after I escalated it to a manager. Hopefully with a few more votes on this issue they will take their customers requests a little more seriously. 

Reallusion Feedback Admin, you asked me to upload a video of the problem at the end of last month. I did this immediately but I have not heard back from you since. What is the current progress in fixing this bug? The tracker says it is active. Any update would be really appreciated. Thank you. 
Exact same issue here, try it for hours and then find this! Hope reallusion fix this! 
Hi marc_47,  I believe this is something which many UE4 users would like fixed as it is an essential part of the engines' animation system. iClone is not compatible with UE4 if it does not support root motion. It is a frustrating issue, so I'm sorry to hear it may interrupt your pipeline. If you have any questions or want me to test anything please let me know and I'll do my best. Hopefully the Reallusion team can also help. For now I can tell you that the problem has not been solved in the recent update to 7.02.

Below are some relevant forum posts for anyone looking at this problem. Unfortunately it shows similar problems have been around since 6.4
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The bottom of this post says pretty much the same:
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Someone else interested in root motion. 
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