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Request to join Character Creator beta to test displacement & maybe have content ready for the Marketplace on release
Hi I've got several types of characters that use displacement in different ways. Currently CC3 topology is not compatible with displacement - there are holes that are created while I paint in 3rd party programs. I know the issue looks like it might be resolved in your next gen character base CC3 Base+ but I'd like to test it and give feedback before you submit it to the market. I'm a power user I own iClone and CC3 pipeline, have found serious bugs in the past and have created shared workflows that prevent Iray, Indigo and Iclone from crashing or not being able to generate proper render files and lastly I'm a CCD member.

I've attached an image of example character that I'm working on, you've already seen my Grizzly bear this is a different character
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Submitted byAscensi
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The problem visible in iClone below reveals that it's a consistent problem between programs.
  • Tearing between fingers.jpg
An update and report on the new CC3 Base+ Character
90 degree UV seams cause displacement painting issues such as holes and texture stretching. I've experienced this in Zbrush and 3Dcoat. If no one in Reallusion works with testing displacement painting please allow me to test a fix for CC3Base+  I'd like to resolve this issue so anyone could expand their creative potential and personally I have a lot of characters that could be published to the marketplace sooner because I'd have less errors to try to figure out a workaround.
  • Bad UV edge.jpg
  • Bad UV edge-with displacement on.jpg
So it seems the topology is resolved between the shoulderblades. I was able to Goz & export the character with the full pose & UV in Zbrush since exporting obj with pose does not export all the UVs.
Anyway with fingers and legs spread and prepping for displacement in 3DCoat I had less holes/seam tear and this is because of 3DCoat's smoothing angle but some areas like the butt crack and ear still rip seams when painting with displacement.  The topology looks solid so I'm going to take the rest of the issue up with 3DCoat since I've recently learned creating displacement in Zbrush gives no problem/tearring whatsoever now.
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Hi Ascensi,

Sorry for the late reply.
Currently, you can adjust character's pose in CC first, and export OBJ/FBX via current pose.
And use the pose that be adjusted to see if the bake texture still causing black holes.
We'll also consider to add some bake texture template pose for user in future version.

I can normally paint over UV seams, that's not the problem! it's the incompatible topology in key areas!! and to prove this I've attached a video showing displacement painted over UV seams.

If they don't show correct/show detached in CC3 it's because it's looking for more resolution which can simply be fixed with smooth mesh by subdivision -not tessellation, tessellation can provide additional detail only if below level 3 in the material settings.
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