Character Creator 3
Issue 5369
RL clothing templates require export version of the clothing templates...
Of course, the conversion works well via LOD.
Even the smaller avatars can be used in Iclone for mass sceneries.

Conversion of the fbx with 3dx7 and conversion to non-standard also works without problems. In order for CC3 avatars to automatically assign the bones as a non-standard species at the click of a mouse, you can make a profile yourself (assign bones once by hand - save profile - the next time simply assign by mouse click).

The biggest problem that I see for exporting LOD via fbx to an iAvatar export is the fact that I ALWAYS need the export version of RL clothing even though the avatars will not leave the RL area.
I just want to polycrate my avatars and keep using them in RL.
I can also send avatars created in CC 3 (for example with Assassins and Wizards templates) via iAvatar to IClone 7 WITHOUT the need for the export version of this clone. With the LOD polyreduced fbx files, I MUST now have the export version of the clothes to be able to use them in IClone or to be able to reduce them via LOD at all.

That's something RL should fix.
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