iClone 7
Issue 6565
Please make iClone competitive to other industrie standard tools
Dear Development and Marketing Team,

Could you please make iClone a more professional and competitive tool. Almost all tools that are free like
unity,unreal and blender far exceed the capabilities of it. Meaning the unity built in animation tools can do the same and far more than iClone and Blender far far more than iClone. It is a joke that free tools can export/import in fbx format and iClone can't. Anyone who is looking to extend it's current game,animation pipeline with iClone have to pay several thousand dollars and has a far inferior tool than the free ones. Unity and unreal, blender have the curve editor built in and can export and import fbx etc. The curve tool and the 3d exchange tool has to be built in to iClone in order for it to be competitive with the free solutions. I was interested in Life Face and have realised that I have to spend a lot more to have it's basic functionality and it isn't as accurate as I would like it to be. Please improve it.

Thank you,
Akos Szeki
OS: Windows 10
I do not say that it should be free, or change your business model.  I only say that it should be more competitive. I already purchased Character Creator and Crazytalk but want to use iClone too.
Right now i use umotion for traditional animation and editing mocap in unity and a facial animation solution but I could use the built in features also for this. I would rather use iClone for animation as I later would want to upgrade to the full body  mocap and facial mocap if iclone is better positioned with features and price.
The tools you mention are only free because large organizations pay a lot of money for their use  in licensing fees for example. So basically, you are free-loading. Nothing prevents you of course to use these free tools to achieve your goals.

It's OK to ask for new features. It is not OK to downplay RL's business model because it doesn't suit you. Why would RL listen to you? Developers and other personnel need to the be paid.

Finally, you put too many things in one request, which make it hard to track for the development team.
You could improve the live face plugin with the relatively new iphone 11 true depth camera 4k 60 fps implementation to get a better and more accurate face track.

Thank you,
Akos Szeki