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Issue 9323
Please add an option to fix the position of the AccuRig Data.
Please. Add "Lock position" option when loading Accurig Data file. At this moment accurig always use the bounding box to place the loaded accurig data. This behaviour is really bad in production. Look at the picture called "Old_Vs_NewCharacter". There is only minor variation in shape for the hair, the pant, the coat. Juste because the new model have a small belt Pocket and higher HairCut the pivot do not align anymore.

As a VFX supervisor, Production process need consistency. It is important.

If we have to reposition the joint manually for each versioning there will be always variation in limbs and joints position. Leading production to redo fine tunning of Pose and Animation just because the model have minor change. We should at least have a way to fix the joint position and orientation when reloading accurig Data.

Mesh can change because details are different (different Pant, Shirt, Hairs, etc...) but still keeping the same character basic shape. Variation should not cause a offset when limbs are at the same place. See my example call "OldCharacter_BackPackA". Adding the Backback shape create an offset when loading accurig data.

Maybe you can also add a global offset parametter. Allowing globally to move the AccuRig for particular case.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards
OS: Windows 10
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