Character Creator 3
Issue 6808
Photo Booth plugin for CC3 - Capture all the parts needed to make instant 360 Cartoon Animator Characters
With this idea I'd like to fully revolutionize cartoon character building by having a Photobooth Plugin for CC3/4
I see the plugin fully automating/capturing all necessary parts instantly for 360 Characters
*Captures from Cartoon Shaded Characters
*Forced Angled Captures using Iray Rendering -the Iray save feature could have a script to save a defined area to a Cartoon Animator template
*IBL capture
*CC3 & iClone Plugin -Optional Cartoon output for Unreal & Unity. -There are other character types that cannot be imported into CC3 so creators should have the option of using it in iClone as well -this should also help boost more content to the marketplace but maybe it should only work with Export Compatible Props and Characters or allow the saved cartoon prop or character file to be compatible with Cartoon Animator.
OS: Windows 10
Private Comment
For all the years of 3D content created, what if all the 3D developers of iClone were suddenly able to UV render region bake and or extract parts of UVs of their characters as 360 2D character and be able to upload them to the market place? Game changer right?

 Maybe using the content uploader an option with a checkbox is provided to generate and additionally upload a 2D character to the marketplace with the same price?

 As you create your 3D Character you are at the same time creating a 2D character.

Reallusion is always looking for more 2D content to be created & submitted to the marketplace. I think many people don't have much time as they would like or enough finances coming from their store to keep creating consistently.  The answer I believe is that CC3 & iClone should have a Photo-Booth plugin that basically captures/bakes the textures/CC3 body parts and automatically places them into the 360 Cartoon Character templates. The creators could use IBL, Iray rendering,  Substance super Tools, or the Cartoon shader. They could additionally use morphs to exaggerate overall shape and detail. 

The Photo Booth could simply be 360 degrees of cameras lined up around the characters or objects to capture them.. this might be the easiest to implement and just have guided slicing tools and forced CC3 Photo Booth Capture Postures for the correct angles. The slicing lines/guides may automatically align to the UV separation of the torso, arms etc.