Character Creator 3
Issue 7738
New Hair Packages Not Working
Using CC with Headshot and SmartGallery plugins. Also have iClone.

Downloaded updates through the Reallusion Hub.

First tried to open and modify hair on existing project files - characters that had been created with the headshot plugin. New hair shows in "Contents." Was initially able to add new hair, and system crashed as soon as I started to edit it. Restarted system multiple times to reset and begin again. After that, I started getting an error that says I need to update my morph sliders. When I do, the system acts like it's making the updates, but still won't allow me to add the hair. This prompt just keeps repeating as if the morph updates haven't been done yet.

Attempting to see if the problem related to the Headshot plugin, I tried to set up new character without Headshot and add new hair. When I attempt to add new hair--either as individual elements or as group--I get the same error that says my morph sliders require updating. Regardless of whether I update them or cancel the update, I am not able to add the hair.

After these fails, I went to the forum and saw there were hotfix batch files available. I downloaded them and ran them per instructions and video. I restarted the applications afterward as instructed. Same issue repeated--Morph sliders update prompt, which fails to resolve and no hair is added to the character.

After this issue, I uninstalled all Reallusion products, including the Reallusion Hub and reinstalled them in the recommended order (CC3 before Pipeline) along with my basic Headshot and SmartGallery Plugins. I again attempted to create a new character. The application allowed me to add one hair grouping, but the application crashed when I attempted to modify it.
OS: Windows 10
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Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi, Dre11, thePostFuturist

Thanks for your feedback.

We found there's a missing reminder in "HowTo.txt"
And we've updated "HowTo.txt", please download it again to check correct step, or you can just read the below information.

After you follow all step, run the hotfix and open program and click Refresh, after all of these: 
* Don't click "Free" item in "Content" panel
* If you've click them and issue happened again, please run hotfix again.

1. Please check "Update" node in Smart Gallery panel.
2. You'll find some pack with a green circle icon on the pack.
3. Please double click those pack, update prompt will popup, you can check the update info about the pack.
4. Then click "Update" button, program will download these items.
5. After process finish, into pack to check if it works for you.

If update process is all good for you, please help us to check whether modifying hair cause crash issue happen again or not, thank you

Sorry for the bad experience and thanks for your patience.
Please feel free to contact us if issue still exists
I am having the same issue.