Character Creator 4
Released in 4.12
Issue 9056
Morph sliders disappeared from the Morphs tab.
I installed CharacterCreator 4.12 yesterday (November 17th) via Reallusion Hub, but the Morph sliders, which should have been installed by default, disappeared from the Morphs tab.
I only see the Morph sliders that I created myself, none of the standard sliders and Headshot's Morph sliders.

I installed the Rellusion content in a different location than the default (D:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\), so I guess I can't go see it.

This problem also occurs in CharacterCreator 4.01 and 4.02, and when I double-click on makeup or Skin Texture content, it fails to load correctly, and a dialog called Missing File(s) is displayed, and the reference destination is not specified at all. The content path that did nothing was displayed.

In my case, I had the same problem again with 4.12, when I tried to apply makeup content, etc., I got the Missing File(s) dialog again, with a strange content path.

I had no problems with CC4.1 and 4.11.

In my case, 4.12 doesn't show the standard and Headshot Morph sliders at all, making CC4 completely unusable.

I hope for immediate improvement.
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted bym_koshi
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi m_koshi,

Please update to v4.12 and Refresh Sliders in Help menu,then try it again.Thanks.

Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi 3DChick

Apologies for inconvenience.

Please download the hotfix:

And follow the installation guide:
. Make sure you have installed the last official version of iClone or Character
. Make sure the program is closed
. Uncompress the hotfix files to local
. Run the hotfix .bat
   . For iClone: double click the "IC8ReplaceSG.bat"
   . For Character Creator: double click the "CC4ReplaceSG.bat"
. Done

If the problem persists, please contact us.

Thank you for your patience.
My morphs disappeared, as well. Headshot, Dawn, Dusk and Baby, my Reaper morphs, everything except the standard morphs are gone.