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Released in 7.3
Issue 3373
Jade's mohawk hair becomes transparent with smoke or fog particles in background.
I'm using Jade in a scene. She has elaborate hair with a Mohawk, which becomes partially transparent when there are smoke or fog particles in the background.

The image hair_and_smoke.jpg shows what happens.

The image hair_normal.jpg shows what the hair should look like.

I have tried adjusting Alpha Threshold and although this gets rid of the transparency it also affects the quality of the hair so it's not really a solution.

The issue is easy to reproduce (Render option must be set to "High"):

1. Load Jade, e.g., at [0.0.0]

2. Behind Jade, load the Big Smoke particle effect, e.g., at [0,500,0].

3. Have the camera look straight at Jade.

4. Play the scene. The Mohawk will disappear.

For the result see this video: .

My GPU is a GTX 1080 with the latest driver (382.53).
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byanimagic
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Just as a reminder, the transparency issue is still present in 7.1.
As eternityblue points out, there is also problem with DOF. Because DOF doesn't work correctly for transparent surfaces, there are undesirable artifacts when the hair is in front of a DOF background. The border between the hair and the background is not affected by DOF (is not blurry). This gives the hair a ragged appearance as the non-DOF-affectd part of the background seems to be part of the hair. See the attached image.
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This is an issue with all transparencies, including hair. Related is using Depth of Field and getting non-blurred artifacts inside transparencies. 
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