Character Creator 4
Issue 11355
Issues scaling Giant Characters -Floor Contact Limitation (0-99), fingers and toes not adjusting position 3D space when using morphs
I understand this not to be a bug but rather, just an oversite. I'm creating gigantic characters that need to be scaled approximately 1500. I've successfully scaled my characters by morphing the character by 500 then in iClone adding an additional 1000.

When I've scaled the character, I've noticed an issue of joints such as fingers I've hidden/removed. Maybe it's best that we can lock any joint when we've manually hidden and set their size to 0 otherwise when we scale characters, the joints that were set to 0 also get scaled and bring back parts distorted that we originally want to hide.

Breast area glitches, a chunk of area around the bone may look cut out. I'm guessing that breast twist or breast base bone, like the toes and finger tips isn't scaling *with distance* properly and maybe the bones are clipping though to the outside? it makes sense because the fingers and toes appear squished as if their bones didn't move at all when morph scaling was used.
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted byAscensi
I guess the other challenges with working on this scale is that clothing can't be added, CC4 crashes. I created a previous request to at least have the skin weight brush scale via screen space percentage rather than absolute point or pixel size. Some of us have bigger monitors and is hard to work with painting skin weights larger characters/objects.  If you can solve these kinds of issues working large scale, I'm certain you users will have less issues/crashes normal scale because I think the program is trying to allocate more resources based on scale when instead the program may simply needed to be tricked thinking it is a normal scale -maybe this needs to be optional feature because I can understand the physics too might also be calculated differently because of scale/weight approximation. 

A checkbox "keep physics estimations based on standard characters" may need to be added for this to work. I am barely able to make geometry corrections based on the morph scale warping the fingers tips and toes, the brush can't even be used at all because my character is so large, Zbrush GoZ won't work at this scale (even if I set it to Zbrush Unit size ( .1)  and is why I requested the "Match CC Model scale" checkbox for replace meshed. When sent to Zbrush, the camera clips the character and the only way i can edit the character there is to hide all the geo except small areas like the fingers and toes - even with no subdivision. 

This is just a very hopeful request, I know I'm going a above general/average use cases but this is for film and I don't want to fake it by using an average sized character, shrinking the landscape and other characters, props etc - that too would be a lot of work.
It would be helpful if "replace mesh" option included "Match CC Model scale (x 100)