iClone 7
Issue 8018
Indigo Renderer Plugin not working after iClone 7.92 update
iClone tells me Indigo Render plugin fails to load upon startup. I have iClone set to start as system Admin.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
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Do you mean "Indigo Plugin" is not the latest version? I don't have it installed!  I have the latest version of "Indigo Renderer" V 4.60 (look at my private attachment in the next post) the full standalone program version installed and want to use the plugin with the full standalone version.  The exact process of installation you've shown is what I have been doing and in the hub it always shows it as being installed but launching iClone fails when it tries to load the Indigo plugin.

Your installation description seems a bit misleading implying that if I have the full version that I don't need to use the "bundled" version. I don't want to use iClone's Lite/bundled version of Indigo Render if I don't need to, I want to assign shaders and connect it to my full Renderer.   That message should not even exist if it doesn't allow the install of the bridge only version...  Maybe if there is no bridge only version should say  "This plugin installation is only for the Bundled Indigo Render lite. "   

So am I supposed to install the bundled version to use it with the Full standalone version that I bought from Indigo Renderer's website?  Thanks.
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Hi Ascensiļ¼Œ

From your system information file,I find two things.One is that Indigo is not the latest version.The latest Version is v1.54.Two is that your registration information is incomplete.I guess that you installed fail.Please reinstall Indigo v1.54.It will occur dialog that ask you enter activation key during installation.Please choose Next,then press No button.

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I really wish you have a fix for this soon, I was hoping to use it to render out my project for the contest.
I just realized, Indigo Renderer Full updated their program to work with RTX, I'm using an RTX 2080 Ti, maybe your plugin needs RTX compatibility?  or maybe it just needs to have versioning added. 

I hope you keep the export part of the plugin for iClone 8, they keep on improving it and is the only only Renderer you have for iClone that can have a render farm.  I purchased the plugin and the full version for this reason, I thought Iray would have made available a render network node version but it's apparently not compatible with iClone. Indigo also provides more ideal Render options than Iray.
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