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Issue 6583
Go Z Zbrush application not found, reinstalled Zbrush, still not found. Zbrush unable to update paths because of administrator admissions.
After updating CC3 to 3.21, my GoZ attempts result in an error message of:

"Zbrush application not found. Please verify your installation of Zbrush and try again."

My copy of Zbrush is currently Zbrush 2020, which came installed with GoZ as a plugin. After this first error in CC3, I reinstalled as an administrator Zbrush 2020. When I attempt to update my GoZ paths to CC3 via the preferences , or force reinstall the paths, or even check path to CC3, I get the error:

"An error occurred during installation. One possible cause could be unsufficient permissions in target application installation folder. Please run Zbrush as an administrator and try again to install the GoZ application."

I've ran Zbrush as an administrator and attempted this a few times now, but each time I get the error. If I try to do this with CC3 open, I get an alert that CC3 must be closed first. If I try to do GoZ from CC3 with Zbrush open, it still does not see Zbrush installed on my computer.

So I don't know what to do. If I just export, I get a solid mesh, instead of separate subtools.
OS: Windows 10
Duplicate Issue:   GoZ
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Submitted bytswit0428
I'm having the same exact issue. Here ya go Reallusion. Thank you.
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Hi ken_741248,

Please go to this route
C:\Program Files\Pixologic\ZBrush 2020\Troubleshoot Help
It should have GoZ installer, please reinstall it to see if the GoZ issue still exist.

I have the exact some problem as well, any ideas how to get Goz feature working? i bought CC3 just for this feature.
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Hi montana2016,

Sorry about this bad news.
Please launch your ZBrush, inside Menu/Preferences list, find GoZ option, then click Clear cache files.
(Please reference to attached image.)
And try GoZ function in CC again.
Hope this answer will help!
Thanks for your patience and reply.

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Hi tswit0428,

Did you send you mesh back to CC successfully?
If not, feel free to let us know!
Thanks for your help.

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Hi tswit0428,

Sorry for the late reply!
Cause we can't reproduce this issue in our end.
Please open this folder : C:\Users\Public\Pixologic\GoZBrush, and pack all files as zip inside this folder.
And upload to cloud service such as Google Drive, then attach the download link in your next comment.
Thanks for your help!