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Issue 5657
Fix and improviments for transfer weights option
- fix for boots transfer weights, ok transfer boots weights for males can be a really trouble, while for females is fine for males is really a annoying task, due to the boots deforms to a size for "female" becoming small than the male character feet", in order to make the shoes work on the male character i must make the boot/shoes size 2 or 3 times bigger than the male feet for when do the weight transfer it deform to the male feet size and having to adjust position too, others wearables are fine but the feet one is really a nightmare to adjust.

now improviment.

if possible add more options, like instead of just default cloth, add shirt option, pant option, underwear, sock and a way to make the system know if in the same place is possible to have some "undercloths" like underwear, cuz many times when you are using the transfer weights it can removing others parts if that part not was proper adjusted to support others parts aswell, like if you just add to the naked body a pant and do the transfer and save it, later when you try to add it to a new character it can conflict with others wearables and remove it like removing the shirt or boots or masks or others parts, in order to proper, making impossible to use that cloth with others clothes unless you reset it and do agai a transfer wearing that clothes before transfering the new one.
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