iClone 7
Issue 8024
Facial Expression Layer as mask override to bypass/blend out many AccuLips or Face Keys at once for the lips - otherwise it adds to the existing morph
As many may likely already know, if you want your character to have a high gum showing grin with AccuLips speaking it's almost impossible without manipulating a lot of facial sliders between lip movements in the face key editor and Acculips, you can't simply apply levels of expression because it just "adds" onto the existing morph.
What I'm suggesting either per track blend/overwrite mask option that the AccuLips can be blended out using a single envelopes to transition to underlying face puppet or Face key morphs -specifically the lips and any other morph AccuLips influences.

Yes you can apply a smile and it wont effect the lips but lets say a grin like a dog showing its teeth, now you're specifically in the lips area and Acculips has no choice but to add onto the underlying morph or vice versa.

A simple masking/track under AccuLips would be very helpful. It will probably be a envelop mask system that forces all morph sliders to their default position when the envelop created under it is in the high position -meaning to increase the mask levels, but when the envelop is lower then it allows the face keys/lips to return to their defaults or AccuLips Keys return to their defaults etc.

Facial Mocap probably does this internally but it would be good to have a masking track for manual work so lip morphs aren't compounded.

So again to the point.. when two systems are trying access the lips, one (face key when using lips) adds to the other (AccuLips) and instead lip morphs from one should be ignored or given the ability to slightly ignore it. Trying to manually make all the lip morphs return to default then go back to previous influenced state in the facial keys create a big problem to have to fix.

Another example, lets say I want the lips to pucker out far and I want very little AccuLip motion, I'd have to adjust the morph keys at each big mouth movement change, an envelope could influence all sliders keyed in all at once.

I haven't seen a work around for this. Adding this feature in my opinion would allow us to create more realism/variation at record speeds.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi