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Exporting characters with subdivision
When exporting my character from Character Creator 3 to Unreal Engine 4 I lose all the subdivisions I'd set using the "Smooth mesh" option. I've tried exporting and importing with different options several times, none of which seemed to work - my character and its clothes are always low poly.

Is it possible to apply this smothing while exporting the mesh in CC3, not through a 3rd party software such as Blender? I've already set all weights for the clothes so I'd prefer not to lose them.

Thanks for the answer in advance.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bymarek.abramczyk
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I didn't use ue4 espacially because of that. I rather manually set up everything in other 3D software and have a smooth mesh than this, please reallusion do something about this!
Yes, I agree Reallusion needs to address this issue ASAP. 

I was WRONG when I said that using Tessellation Triangles in UE solves the smoothing problem. IT DOES NOT. 

Reallusion has a tutorial that claims that using Tessellation Triangles in Unreal Engine solves the smoothing problem, but they (conveniently) forgot to mention that it only smooths the character if the character is not animated. When the character is animated, dark triangular artifacts appear at the stress intersections. Without smoothing, these characters are unusable in Unreal Engine for professional quality work. I am actually quite angry that Reallusion has such a misleading tutorial.
I'd love a solution to this too please. 

Trying to use these characters in Unreal for high-quality previs. Using PN Triangles causes tearing issues on the mesh that Google can't tell me how to fix so far. It seems like the devs have come across similar issues because they have painted maps to turn off tessellation in regions where Material Instances border one another, but this fix breaks down in some areas.

A far more robust solution would be to fix the issue by exporting an already subdivided mesh for CC3. Please.
Pshtif you can smooth your characters out in Unreal Engine using "PN Triangles" tessellation. I find this solution does work. 

However, I agree with your frustration that Reallusion should have this smoothing incorporated into the pipeline so that everything is 100% consistent in appearance, or at the very least make it easy to find the PN Triangles solution without the need to search through endless forum topics.
animagic you are either pretty new to this or are misleading people deliberately either way it is not helping.

Subdivision is something that can be done multiple ways either realtime, offline, on CPU on GPU etc. Doing subdivision on GPU as you suggest is not a prefered workflow and has too many downsides. And it definitely doesn't solve the issue of having the same mesh on both sides of the pipeline. 

This needs to be fixed ASAP or I may be just returing my purchase after 14 days. Kind of shocked to see such an issue. And it is quite telling that me being here VOTING and COMMENTING after using the software for just under an hour after purchase. If that doesn't tell you how critical this is then nothing will.
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