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Issue 5687
Exported Character Morphs No Longer Correct
I am working with a character exported from DAZ who's exported facial morphs no longer match what I am seeing inside of 3DXchange.

In the attached images, you can see the 'Ah' viseme applied to character inside of 3DXchange and MODO respectively. For the latter, you can see the lower lip goes inside of the mouth.

I have followed the DAZ to iClone tutorials for setting up characters for export to include facial animations, and previously never had anything wrong with the export and import processes of DAZ characters configured inside of iClone.

The one thing different that I did this time though in this case is create a new corrective morph for the character with MODO before loading into 3DXchange (pants only).

Once imported they behave the same as the characters that never got the pre-treatment morphs added. After exporting though, ALL of the morphs are incorrect (3DXchange and custom ones).

Steps to reproduce issue:
1. Import zipped character into 3DXchange.
2. Configure with animations and facial expressions.
3. Export as .fbx
4. Open exported model in another 3D app and check the morphs.

Actual Results
Exported morphs no longer match up with what they looked like inside of 3DXchange.

Expected Results
Exported morphs to look like they did inside of 3DXchange.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byshane.berezowski
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Hi shane.berezowski,

There is not including Modo in 3DXchange FBX "Target Tool preset".So Modo import the 3DXchange FBX,morph maybe is wrong. I export FBX to Maya & 3dsmax,the morph is right.

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Another thing to note is that if I disable the option to reset scale upon export, the morph shapes work fine inside of MODO. Only problem is that all of the scales are out of whack and trying to compensate for rig + mesh scales is rather challenging.
As a sanity check, I also imported to Maya first and simply saved out a new copy to import into 3DXchange and had the export morphs show up as incorrect again.
UPDATE: It appears that any intervention done inside of MODO causes the exported morphs from 3DXchange to fail. I tested with a character that was open and saved inside of MODO without any updates or morphs added, and the final result is still the same.