Character Creator 4
Issue 8876
Essential: Rotation Of Bones in the Bone Editor
Working with Exotic creatures as hybrid characters often requires adjustments as to how the joints will move uniquely. I currently having an issue with finishing a character 97% done for the marketplace only to discover some joints will not work properly unless flipped or rotated differently. While it's awesome that we can move bones to a new position with the bone editor, it isn't exactly a full bone editor yet. Also the option to mirror joints for HIK/Humanoids is essential. I know you guys are working hard on getting the absolute basics in, so I hope maybe the next update should address this.

If you are also adding body morph support for HIK, I hope you add the ability to add Proportion to it just like the Facial expression Profile.
I'm thinking about animals like birds that have an inverted knee pivots etc but I even found this a bit of a challenge trying to determine how to make my hybrid squid like character move with human animations & mocap.
OS: Windows 10
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