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Edit Spring Partially working Please allow enabling of Spring Joints on extra arms, legs etc that didn't get included in HIK Characterization
I attached an video displaying that the spring effects are functional in the suction cups on the first arm set in front but not elsewhere because *by default* I don't have the option, why? All suction cups contain the same duplicated hand joints..

In the bone menu, when I click on "unused" handset bones on the second set of arms, then set to "used" then activate them as spring joints, they have no effect, even after grouping them in the front arms list -the spring effects that is working.

This is either a bug or wasn't considered. Yes it's odd that it will allow me to add functional spring effects on the duplicate hand joints on only the front arms, and the body area; esophagus, GI-Tract and Butt twist but not from the other limbs.

For this Creature base character, I'd like for customers to realize it's full potential. I will be making Native Body Physics textures that will help with the rubbery body effect but please give full access to any additional non-characterized bones for spring effects.
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Submitted byAscensi
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Also please allow springs on Used joints such as neck, eyes and Tongue!! Character Creator is too human oriented at the moment but even Humans as toon characters can benefit with these changes.
I've reworked my character externally, there were errors from the creation stage between CC, GoZ in the beginning then akeytsu and possibly 3DCoat where it helped delete my phantom materials/possibly hidden mesh sharing the same group ID.  It seems my issues here are resolved. 

-------------*Due to the complexity of my character and future characters I hope you add the ability to mirror activation of spring joints and even place them into a currently selected named group so it skips a couple steps of users having to find the mirror joint then keep pressing the sort button.  Also please allow "multi-selection, hierarchy selection and add to the selected group" in the bone list when selecting to activate spring joints - activating roughly 56 hand joints + 4 fingers (244)  each was a tedious and long process that could be avoided for creators.*---------------

I'm thinking it was the phantom material groups that interfered with the other spring joints assigned to the suction cups on on all the other arm and leg joints because since remove of the phantom materials, all the spring joints are now working correctly!   The image attachment is a reference to show the tedious slowness that one would have to suffer adding each to become a spring joint due to of lack of support for multi select, hierarchy select and add to selected group. Please help by adding these features so I can quickly and easily make other advance characters.
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Is there a spring joint limit? there should not be, computers are getting more powerful. I don't care if it slows some down for real time, I have ways to accelerate baking of physics such as shrinking the viewport to thumbnail size.
Hi Calvin thank you for your help, no,  the issue is all other "hand and handset joints and fingers on all other cloned arms and the legs that are not working. 

The Characterized *original* front arms have all the handsets working proper, it's the other hand, handsets and fingers on the other arms and legs that aren't working.  I circled an example in red in the attached photo (all are hand +finger joints) that don't work on the other arms and the legs. 3 armsets (all hand & finger joints) and the legs (all handsets, thumbs and fingers)  I don't want to apply spring joints to the arm joints.  

Additionally It could be awesome if possible, if springs can be applied to characterized bones like the neck01 and head, clavicle or upperarm and hand,  thigh and foot  setting the bounce to 2 or so, it might give an instant ragdoll effect combined with animating spring joint strength.

 I know it's not possible at this time but I would like to be able to apply it to the regular characterized hand and fingers as well to match all the other hand and finger spring assignments. 

Also, a few suggestions/requests 1. Allow retargeted/characterized joints to have spring joint applied - could be very useful applied on neck01+Head,  Clavicle or upper arm+hand joint and thigh+foot as a simple ragdoll effect if object hits character or has a lot of movement . I understand this can be done with reach targets but not at the level I'm aiming for because to get the effect on the retargeted hand, I'd have to create a sphere for each finger and hand, it doesn't sound practical for time and would be heavy on performance to add more geo.  

 2. It would be helpful if we could group select the joints in the Bone list when filtering to make them active and added to the list at once or even better drag and drop under a particular group in the group settings list. 

Thankyou for your help.
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Hi Ascensi,

Thanks for your feedback!
I have download your project, and I used the feature "Edit Spring" and add some bone as spring bone.
Please check this video and see the result, is this a result you wanted?

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