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Issue 6798
Critical-Imported Camera & mesh distance broken -Please allow the camera to include geometry with scale- used for VFX reference/scene matching.
I've exported tracked cameras with a reference mesh from Blackmagic Design Fusion to iClone and it's absolutely critical to have both the camera and a reference object the same size & position when imported. We can import and set the scale of a camera but the objects don't have the same feature. I would like to see an import feature for the camera to include geometry as other professional tools like Maya and Marmoset have -the object scale and camera to mesh distance is perfect in these programs but is broken in iClone.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
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It seem's like this might be the last factor impeding imported solved cameras from working for CG  which is about simulated frames below 60fps best explained here:

Has Reallusion acknowledged this and maybe working on a solution?
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Hi Ascensi,

Thank you for sharing the video.
We are aware of this issue and working on it.
It won't be included in iClone 7, but will be included in our future plan.

The very sad thing about this issue is that I'm thinking this is perhaps the cause of technical problem that prevented Reallusion from putting the Mocha Plugin on hold and I thought they may never figure out what the problem is so I bought Black Magic Design's Fusion Studio as it seems to have more options and once you buy Fusion or Davinci Resolve, you own the other full version.. so if you add support for VFX I hope you add Fusion & Davinci Resolve.
As you can clearly see in the attached image from the FBX file I sent you that when imported into iClone the camera is too close.. The Fusion project the camera was created in is identical when viewed in Maya and Toolbox and seems to have a difference in focal length but I would request that you check any offset that may have happened as well.. I would rather not have to deal with this problem again. Lastly please check the scale upon import.. it came from Fusion and I'm told that I'd be able to find an exact multiplier like 10, 100, 1000 etc but when I exported a model to Fusion from iClone and then exported the model back to iClone (with the camera) the matching scale with the original model in iclone was scaled to fit approximately 852.716 xyz.
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