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CC Setup/Auto Setup for Unreal Engine 4 not loading textures properly in particular project
On a specific project in Unreal when importing characters using the CC Setup tool, the characters are not loading their skin when trying to display them as either HQ or LW Shaders. Standard shader will display correctly. But when switching to either HQ or LW the skin's are just white, head, torso, arms, eyes etc. The clothes and accessories display correctly, just the avatar's skin. I have attempted this in other unreal projects and they load correctly but this one particular project it doesnt.

The unreal engine I am using is version 2.3
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bySafetySkills
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It is a marketplace purchase from the Epic store : 

I have contacted the artist/creator of the project and their response was this : 

"This is most likely due to the fact that you moved the folder manually (the engine loses its path because of this). in order for everything to work, you need to enable the project separately and transfer it using the "migrate" tool"

However, the project works fine on one computer, but not on others. I have tried completely uninstalling the project, generating a new Unreal Project with that asset and running the CC Auto setup for Unreal version 2.3 and the issue persists.

If i choose standard shader the characters load their skins properly, but when I choose HQ or LW shader thats when the characters turn white like that. It appears the blueprints for the CC Auto setup link break the material connections somehow but I am not certain how to fix that.

Once RL has the version 2.4 CC Auto setup files I can try again on unreal version 2.4. But this issue still exists for me, specifically for this one Unreal project. All other projects the CC Auto import tool works great, but something about this one project breaks it for HQ and LW shaders.
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Hi SafetySkills,

Thanks for your feedback!
Is this particular project made by yourself? Or it's Demo showcase from Unreal?
If this project was made by yourself, what kind of project that you create? Blueprint or C++? Third Person or First Person or other type of project template?

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