Character Creator 4
Issue 9106
Bone Glitch causes Boundary change for rendering at close range after scaling and positioning bones - Please Publish Correct Process
This issue is about educating creators to teach proper method to remove parts that would otherwise be impossible to hide if the creator tries to sculpt it down to nothing either externally or natively. I also wanted to point out this bug when using Edit proportions with scale then for whatever reason the user uses position of any of the bones scaled.

Incorrect procedures:
Example 1: Sculpt fingers down to nothing then update mesh - problem: leaves bones pushing on mesh which can leave a non smooth surface/ tiny finger leftover.
Example 2. Using Edit Proportion, scale the finger bones down to 0 then move the bones with transform tool (causes rendering bug via bones jump to infinite 999999 position and becomes locked) The rendering glitch is observed when zoomed close to the finger bone area, because of the far bone distance the camera thinks its too close then render clips the entire character.

After working on this issue with Rampa, he discovered that scaling the Bones are fine but if someone changes the position of the scaled bones it will recreate the bug (causes the whole body not to render when close up on the area with bones scaled and positioned.)

Solution & Recommendation

Scaling Bones to 0 is fine (Correct method to shrink parts to leave no tiny geometry behind) This should be in the manual or video of troubleshooting workflow dealing with how to physically remove parts.

The amount of time lost as a creator is extremely significant.. the proper workflow should be published and the bug fixed or at least the troubleshooting error should be made aware - maybe if bones have been scaled to 0, you make it so the option to position bones with 0 scale or a particular small numeral range is greyed out.

The other prospect that would be smart is to have a shrink Mesh & Bone brush tool in the Mesh editor otherwise it will create/leave glitchy topology. - Highly recommend creating this brush..

If users don't have proper information -workflow knowledge, they suffer and so does Reallusion with potential slowdowns of users not being able to finish projects because of issues like this, I hoped that simply smoothing out fingers in Zbrush would have been enough but after updating the mesh, there is small finger left over like the thickness of a hair or more.
OS: Windows 10
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