Character Creator 4
Issue 8799
Allow Alembic as animated morphs for face, body or object - morph slider allows playback of multiple frames rather than transitioning between 2.
1.This would allow morphs to have non linear functionality - move in all directions through time.

2.Advanced Effects (melting, water flow/liquify, bubbling, fire, cracking, healing, wiggle, shape-shifting, electricity, bending in multiple angles, acid rain, clouds (ideal with volumetric shader)

Some effects could be made traditionally but would take a lot longer to animate many different morphs.

Additionally it would be fun to have the morphs connected and switch to an animated texture/frames.

The mesh editor could have a timeline to assist in creating Alembic files, allow still frame morphs and other animated morphs to be imported to any position on the timeline.

Individual images could be added to the timeline to sync up the effect.

I think Custom Morphs could be applied to any custom "characters" or "objects"

This could resolve many headaches and the requirement of buying and learning other software packages to get VFX for most users.
Many generated VFX packages create cheep looking visuals because they weren't rendered/baked in the same environment where as this idea when rendered with Iray/Ray Tracing or native in iClone will be a match.
OS: Windows 10