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No application is 100% free of issues or bugs, as there is always room to improve. So we have created a place where we can all work together to make your products better by making your suggestions visible to all, having them well-categorized, easy to track and easy to implement.

For this we have decided to allow all users to actively participate in our product improvement and development cycles with help from our brand-new Feedback Tracker platform that will put you in the developer seat, allowing you to suggest, vote, prioritize and track all product issues, findings, and enhancements. Ensuring the most efficient and transparent collaboration with you -- our partners. Service Policy & User Guide
What can the Feedback Tracker do for you?
Check reported bugs, saving your time on duplicated reporting. 
Report bugs and suggested feature enhancements.
Voting priority for feature enhancements and bug fixes.
 View bugs we have successfully reproduced, confirming bug fixes that are on their way.