Professional talking animation is a highly challenging task usually not only for a single artist. Now, with Reallusion’s disruptive facial animation pipeline, you can easily generate unique 3D actors from Character Creator, and animate believable talking characters with iClone’s AccuLips, facial capture, and other intuitive editing features. Take advantage of the Live Link, AutoSetup pipeline to the game engine, and FBX out to other 3D tools to send animations from iClone to any rendering engine.

Text and Audio to Talking Animation - iClone

Natural AI Driven Voice Synthesis

Diverse Character Creation For Casting - Character Creator (CC)

Open-door Pipeline

Realluison opens the door to characters and animation for the first time to the entire community of creators. No matter whether MetaHuman or Character Creator character, all of the iClone pipeline will benefit every digital human.

Unreal MetaHuman

Bring MetaHumans to life with iClone Live Link driving facial and body animation.


A growing and supportive workflow of next-gen character creation & animation.

Massive Assets

Smart Hair & Beards
Trendy Clothing & Accessories
Human Mocap Motions