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Audition. Direct. Perform

Replica Studios and Reallusion collaborated to create a plugin that automates text to lip-sync animation. Type what you want your avatar to say in Replica Studios, one-click export to iClone, and your avatar will be animated with automated lip-synching. This makes it super quick and easy to create animations without the need to hire voice talent or even an animator. Quickly create a basic animation and then fine-tune the AI-generated result with Replica Studios desktop app, and iClone's Talking Styles, Viseme Editing, Face Mocap, Face Puppet, or Facial Key Editor.

Automate Talking Animation

1. TTS AI Voice

talking animation - tts, text to speech from ai voice

2. Accurate Lip-Sync

talking animation - lip-sync animation - acculips

3. Auto Expression

talking animation - lip-sync animation - acculips
Original Character @Angel Alonso

Replica Studios uses AI to produce natural-sounding performances quickly, on-demand without a voice-over artist or studio. It all starts with a talented voice actor spending hours training their AI how to perform. The AI model learns how to perform by copying the real voice actors' unique speech patterns, pronunciation, and emotional range.

Large Selection of Voice Talents
  • Over 40 quality voices in the library and find the voice that fits your project. Adding more voices every month.
  • Specific voice requests are welcome.
talking animation - voice talent - replica studios
Test your Script, Set the Emotions
  • Add your script and experiment with voice styles from angry, happy, sad and surprised.
  • Be able to assign specific words with different settings such as Volume, Speech Rate, Pitch, Style, and Silence.
talking animation - voice emotions - replica studios


Through the iClone Replica Studios Link plug-in, you can connect iClone & Replica Studios app, audition Replica Studios’s voice talents, turn script to natural sounding voice and in-sync with iClone AccuLips. Moreover, Replica Studios can trigger matching iClone facial expressions from emotional tags, gives an instant lifelike talking performance to your actors. Be able to fine-tune AI generated result with iClone’s full production features: Expression Presets, Viseme Editing, Talking Style, and other iClone facial tools.

auto lip sync - replica studios

TTS AI Voice to Accurate Lip-Sync

  • Input text script in Replica Studios - AI Voice Actors, select preferred voice, and set an emotion style.
  • Export to iClone AccuLips, auto generate lip-sync animation.
  • Be able to further tweak viseme with mouth shapes and viseme strength.
Auto Expression Preset
  • Automatic facial expression generation once the voice is applied to actor.
  • Feel free to replace current expression clips with categorized library of Expression Loops with different strength levels.
  • Adjust or optimize talking behavior with Talking Style editing.
auto lip sync - auto expression preset
Intuitive & Powerful Facial Expression Editing
  • Face Puppeteering lets you intuitively drive facial expression with mouse control.
  • Face Key Editing for refining or layer editing facial details.
  • Mocap for live facial performance.
lip sync animation - animation functions
auto lip sync - free ai voice

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