What's New
The brand new CrazyTalk7 provides you with all the awesome tools users expect from CrazyTalk, plus additional features such as the revolutionary auto animation engine that literally animates characters with the power of your voice. Furthermore, the new CrazyTalk7 has a powerfully simple and dock-able user interface, which makes generating natural-looking animations easier and faster.
Enhanced Natural Movements
A big improvement! Over time, we have noticed lots of user-made CrazyTalk animations driven purely by lip-synced audio that often lack facial expressions and proper head movements. People would often shout at the screen in hopes of making their characters animate further, but only to see them calmly talk back with mere lip animations. So now we have designed a system that allows our own voice to drive the intensity of our animations. This new technology which auto-generates based on sound, can create specific character movements such as head, body, eyes and mouth to create lively animations that are triggered by your own voice energy.
Smart Profiles for Auto Motions & Expressions
CrazyTalk7 provides you with hundreds of auto animation templates that give your avatars all kinds of emotions and movement styles. You can find them categorized under: Idle to give characters initial movements, Functional to generate primary movements, or Scenario for unique performance styles and sound reactions. Generate specific projects like rapping a song with left and right head movement, talking like a formal newscaster, or purely swaying to the beat.

You may also determine how strong your actor motions are influenced by your voice as you may adjust the smoothness, tune the spring effect, and constrain movements to a certain volume level. Utilizing these features can help anyone create dynamic, stretch-and-squash, pop-and-bounce, and professional-looking cartoon animations in a fraction of the time.
Give your Audio a Matching Animation Scenario
CrazyTalk7 allows you to create impressive animations by matching the attitude of your voice to the character. These rich animation formulas are derived from classical animation principles that have been incorporated into the software to create unique style variations such as preaching like an evil villain, interviewing people like Jay Leno, or seducing your audience like Marilyn Monroe.

Sing an opera with a raised head, or hum the blues with expressions that are full of heartache and pain. Talk with an agreeable attitude, or feel terribly scorned while getting yelled at. You can even use natural sounds and gestures like coughing, snoring, kissing, barking, or grumbling! Find inspiration in our sample edits, or search through the extensive CrazyTalk library for a gallery of animation styles.
Export Your Avatars to iDevice

Now your production is no longer restricted to your desktop. Version 7.2 allows you to publish your avatars to an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch thanks to the CrazyTalk app! Simply upload actors and projects to our free cloud service, and share with friends and family. Tilt your screen to let the actor look-at and follow; shake to see your actor bounce, sway, and pop; or slide to instantly animate your actors. You will be amazed at how the actors naturally react to your movements! Create your own talking cat and talking dog today!

Comparison - CrazyTalk7 v.s. CrazyTalk6
CrazyTalk7 is built with a new architecture for cross-platform porting, auto motion animation and better facial fitting quality. So, we have temporarily taken out the multiple head support and some other non-facial centric features like SFX as this will increase character interactivity on mobile devices and web displays. Previous CTM (model) and CTS (script) are still also compatible inside CrazyTalk7, except for some project-based animation files.
  Major Features CrazyTalk6 CrazyTalk7
Environment Drag & drop in-screen editing  
Dockable user interface  
Character Face photo fitting
Multiple character 1~4 1
3D face profile & orientation
Custom eyes & teeth
Background removal - manual mode
Background removal - auto mode  
Animation Auto audio lip-sync
Facial puppeteering & motion clip
Face key editor
Auto audio-driven animation: Talk/Listen  
Custom auto motion profile & control  
Auto motion templates (120)  
Studio-made voice & script library (35)  
Special Effects  
Import/Export HD 1920x1080 video output (avi, wmv, mp4)
Video output with alpha - popVideo
Image & image sequence output (jpg, bmp, png, tga)