CrazyTalk Avatars for Interactive Applications

The Interactive Plug-in is an add-on for CrazyTalk Pro. By using it developers can convert and export CrazyTalk avatar assets optimized for Unity mobile apps design.

CrazyTalk Interactive Plug-in Workflow

*Please take note that the CrazyTalk plug-in is designed for users to export their CrazyTalk animation data for use in the Unity platform.

Compare the Differences

  Unity Game and Apps Design
Program Code JavaScript & C# code
Avatar API:   
- Avatar Control  Show, Hide, Fade
- Animated Script Control Play, Pause, Stop
- Look-At and Gaze Direction and Strength
Command Reference Guide (PDF) Yes
Application Templates Functional Demo Project
Unity PlugIn Project Preparation and Data Preview
Product Package CrazyTalk7 PRO, CrazyTalk Interactive Plug-in*, CrazyTalk Unity Plug-in**

* CrazyTalk Interactive plug-in: This plug-in adds the export feature to CrazyTalk 7, by compressing and optimizing avatar and animation scripts for Unity app design.
** CrazyTalk Unity plug-in: This Unity plug-in allows Unity programmers to import CrazyTalk 7 avatar and animation scripts for use in Unity with full API interactive control.