CrazyTalk Live
on Web & Mobile

CrazyTalk7.3 now makes it possible for your creations to be played anywhere! Not only can you export them to iOS devices, as before, but you can also directly publish them to popular social web sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others. You may even take advantage of the embedded code to fit interactive talking avatars into your personal or corporate web design. Meanwhile, the new batch of elaborate human eyes and teeth content combined with customizable motion strength adjustments will definitely help you enhance the realism of human photo avatars.

CrazyTalk7.3 Enhancements
Export your avatars to web and iOS devices

Once a project is published to a social networking site or web page, viewers can then enjoy and have fun with their animated projects while interacting with the actor on PC or Mac. If users view the same web page on an iPhone, then they will get a message to download the free CrazyTalk iOS app to view, interact and reanimate the project.

CrazyTalk Player

To make it easy for cross platform deployment, the CrazyTalk player is designed using the Unity engine, which we have tested over all major web browsers to ensure proper compatibility.

Easy Process of Sharing

Previewing Projects Before Uploading

Click the Show Content Manager button to switch to the Content Manager/Auto Motion libraries. Or drag and drop a desired Idle Motion anywhere inside the Export Settings panel so that you can have additional Idle motions for the animated project.

*You can also freely create your own Idle animation loops to enhance your character's unique personality.

Web Preview allows you to confirm the look of your project in a web browser, and test the idle and look-at animations before final upload.  

Publish & Share Your CrazyTalk Projects

Give the project a name and add a description to it. If you are a CrazyTalk registered user then you can choose Member Upload. For trial users you can use the Trial Upload to experience the whole process. When the uploading is done, you can then share the project to social networking sites, web pages or iOS devices.

Enhanced Realism for Human Photo Characters

New Library for Human Eyes, Teeth & Idle Motions

The CrazyTalk7.3 update is now enhanced with professional FaceFilter3 cosmetic templates, complete with realistic human eyes and teeth templates for dazzling looks. Employ various teeth shapes and appearances which are also included in this update.

Previously in CrazyTalk, most idle motions were made for use with cartoon characters. They tended to be more exaggerated and didn’t fit well when applied to human characters.
Now CrazyTalk7.3 offers more human-like, subtle idle motions for both male and female human avatars.

Male Idle
A more confident and straightforward look.

Female Idle
With more gentle and graceful movements.

Custom Motion Strengths to Fit Unique Performances

Though lots of motion libraries are available in CrazyTalk7, they are mostly designed for comic characters making them appear too strong and cartoonish for real human characters. With the newly added Motion Strength options, you can now tune down the expression strength in order to make real human actors looks more natural; or add strength to create more exaggerated expressions for cartoon characters.

There are two ways to adjust the motion strength:
  • Directly drag down the horizontal yellow line, found across the motion clip.
  • Right-click on the motion clip and select the Strength command, then drag the Clip Strength slider.   

Cartoon Character
The default Strength value for a cartoon character.

Human Character
Decrease the Strength value of the existing motion clip, which was designed for a cartoon character, in order to create more subtle, human expressions.

Creating Custom Eyes & Teeth

You may create your character’s eyes with the Diffuse and Opacity channels, to which you can import an eyeball image and a grayscale image to design custom iris and light shapes, or you may even add eye shadows, eyelashes, or makeup effects of your own. You may also create your own character's teeth by importing a custom teeth image.

Full Enhancements in V7.3
  • Enhanced: Content library content for improved human photo realism.
  • Enhanced: New library of human eyes including more natural templates for Caucasian and Asian eyes.
  • Enhanced: New library of human teeth, including more natural teeth shapes.
  • Added: Two real human actors, one male and one female for photo fitting references.
  • Added: Two idle animations, one male and one female for optimal human idle behaviors.
  • Added: Able to save custom idle animations for optimal web and iPhone viewing experience.
  • Added: Publish CrazyTalk projects to cloud and view them on web browsers and iOS devices.
  • Added: Share CrazyTalk projects to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, Tumblr, or paste URL quick sharing through email, message apps, and web pages.
  • Added: Paid product users can access the CrazyTalk Member Cloud for project management - rename, edit title, description, delete, and update projects.