Reallusion software is a platform for digital human character creativity and animation. Emphasizing character scalability for creative and industry projects, Reallusion real-time characters are populating across Media and Entertainment, Metaverse, Digital Twin factories, Architectural visualizations, and AI Simulations.


Media & Entertainment

Incorporating digital actors into every segment of the creation process from previz to post production in game, film, music, TV commercials.

The Character Creator digital doubles animate with motion capture, facial animation, and emulate stunts and performances for directors, DPs, supervisors and producers to visualize every shot.

Hollywood feature film, music, and TV incorporating Reallusion: The Suicide Squad, Triple Frontier, X-men, Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian, TOOL, Twenty One Pilots, Cardi B, and more.

Industrial AEC Professionals

A population solution for realtime digital humans to inhabit virtual buildings, move as crowds, perform workplace tasks with AI and interact with customers.

The threshold for architects, engineers and construction professionals to enter character animation with Reallusion widens with tools specialized to generate occupational and general public digital humans as more creators can now incorporate Character Creator and iClone to design 3D characters.

Metaverse & Social Media

Characters for AR, VR, Social apps, and the collective Metaverse are a new frontier for digital humans to interact and inhabit with personalization and expression.

The Reallusion pipeline helps content creators to design 3D characters and motions for Spark AR, Snapchat Lens Studio, Unreal Engine and Unity. Level of detail (LOD) is adjustable for each character to balance quality and performance for the Metaverse.



Character Creator


Character Creator 4 (CC4) enlivens and gives personality to any biped humanoid, whether they are humans or creatures. In version 4.0, imagination and creativity are no longer limited by an existing character base. Instead, any rigged character can be imported, characterized, and optimized in Character Creator 4. Characters will be fully compatible with iClone for lip-syncing, facial/body animation, and also be ready for ActorCore mocap animations to save time in production.



iClone 8 (iC8) is a massive innovation for motion creation and editing. The new Motion Director system debuts game player controls to pilot characters, apply motion triggers and direct dynamic cameras and scenes in realtime. Additionally, Motion editing with automatic blending tools, motion layer editor, footstep locking and a new robust facial system are ready to help power your next production.


Cartoon Animator


Cartoon Animator is a 2D animation software designed for ease of entry and productivity. Turn images into animated characters, drive facial animations with your expressions, generate lip-sync animation from audio, create 3D parallax scenes, and produce 2D visual effects. Gain access to content resources and wield a comprehensive photoshop/vector pipeline to rapidly customize characters and create interesting content.


Enhanced connectivity to devices and platforms is an important development center within Reallusion. The team is committed to keeping with the growing technologies that will improve the animation and user experience. iClone Motion Capture device profiles equip Xsens, OptiTrack, Vicon, Rokoko, Manus, Noitom, Faceware, and iPhone ARKit. Each has the ability to be selected as a custom combination of devices for Face, Body and Hand motion capture. The Headshot plugin for Character Creator generates a 3D head from a digital photo with ease. For fully customized digital doubles, the GoZ pipeline to ZBrush and Substance Painter offer round trip editing in and out of Character Creator.


The expansion of digital humans requires that the tools to create them are highly accessible to everyone and able to export to game engines or 3D tools effortlessly. Character Creator and iClone enable a workflow for designing 3D characters and animating performances with motion capture devices, pro editing, and tools geared to send optimized content to Unreal Engine, Unity, Omniverse, Blender, MotionBuilder, Maya, and ZBrush. Reallusion enables a wheel of workflow that connects a complete character system to the major tools in the digital content creation pipeline.



When a project requires an array of character designs and motion options on-demand, ActorCore is the best cloud-based asset library for AAA production mocap animations and photorealistic 3D characters. Designed for crowd rendering in real-time, ActorCore’s fully-rigged lightweight characters can even perform lifelike facial and talking animations, and all content are downloadable in FBX/USD formats optimized for major pipelines - Unreal, Unity, 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema4D, and iClone.

  • The ActorCore library of interactive motion content loads a 360 degree view of each motion with selectable characters for browser-based previewing on desktop and mobile.
  • Acquire content ready for real-time use in games, virtual reality, crowds and especially for themed motions to simulate workplace, city life, human interaction motions, and more.
Content Store & Marketplace

Versatile characters and content options empower creators from educators to architects to filmmakers with the ability to generate and animate characters specifically customized for their projects.

The Reallusion Content Store and Marketplace expand the creative options with a community supported content network and official content character, clothing, hair, and motion packs. Collect content in themed packs for assets that fit the overall tone of any project, from business characters for 3D, content for storytelling, or motion packs to instantly animate characters that fit into the environment.