Reallusion Inc. is a 2D and 3D animation software and content developer. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with R&D centers in Taiwan, and offices and training centers in Germany and Japan. Reallusion specializes in the development of realtime cinematic animation, virtual production, and motion capture tools that connect professional 3D animation technologies to creators from indie to studio. The company provides users with pro character animation, facial and body mocap, and voice lipsync solutions for real-time filmmaking and previsualization and production. Reallusion's core technologies are widely used by trainers, educators, game developers and filmmakers.


Reallusion’s innovative product development aligns our proprietary 2D and 3D realtime technology with industry-leading partners to form a unique blend of tools that fit any creator, studio or pipeline. Reallusion is setting the new industry standard for real-time animation, fully-rigged character creation, animation and motion capture. Our mission is to deliver the best realtime animation and virtual production workflow that gives users a more natural and intuitive way to access the latest 2D and 3D technologies.


Reallusion is a radical new pipeline for 2D and 3D creators working on TV, previs, games, marketing and training, or animated shorts. Reallusion products are designed for real-time production helping you cut down workflow times from weeks to days. Our unique product design offers users of any skill level to succeed with tools needed to create simple or highly sophisticated characters, animation and renders. Learn through free video training and quickly grasp the knowledge to master the realtime Reallusion pipeline. Studios can work directly with our development team for custom solutions to fit robust pipelines.



Game Developer


Character Designer


Reallusion products grant everyone, from beginners to professionals, with a complete system for creation and compatibility. An artistic toolbox assists users to create, without the need to model every asset or animate every key frame. Our tools guide new users with achievable creativity in their very first hours, while offering seasoned creators a practical path to import and succeed with their own assets in a complete real-time environment. Reallusion has democratized animation and character design for 2D and 3D creators, by making ambition the only prerequisite to animate.