3DXchange 7
Released in 7.01
Issue 3410
unable to export FBX mocap from Mixamo to iClone
I am using 3dxchange 7 Pipeline to import Mixamo animation [FBX file] to iClone.
when I try this then "Apply to iClone" button is not active and also the Animation is not running
I am using this tutorial for reference ::

Please find the attached snapshot for my system preview and Animation file which I try to export .You can see in snapshot that "Apply to iclone" is gray out.It should be work as you tube tutorial
OS: Windows 10
Duplicate Issue:   Mixamo fbx import issue
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Submitted byvikas4goyal
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Here is what worked for me.
Drop your mixamo fbx character into 3dx (I am currently on 3dx 7). Let it do it's thing, hit ok.
With character highlighted, convert to Non-Standard.
Under Presets, choose Maya Human_IK.
Check the Active box, hit Convert... ok 
Choose Animation you want from the Motion Library, and Apply to Iclone (under Motion library) should be clickable (not grayed out)
Make sure your character is highlighted in iclone so they can accept the animation.

Hope this helps
Ok after looking around for a solution, I found one post were someone wrote they solved it by remapping the bones and then saving the profile. I had no idea how to remap bones as I am new to the program and the guy in the post gave no clues.  But with a little experimenting I did figured it out, and yes it works, so I am a happy camper once again ( why Reallusion doesn't fix this, I have no clue, or at least output another profile for folks). But here is a short version of what you need to do; Load your Mixamo animation in and then select "Convert to non-Standard", which will bring up the little skeleton guy with a red light. Well click a bone and then select the appropriate bone in the Scene Tree for that bone, go through all the bone till the light goes Green (meaning all bones needed are mapped) and then click the activate button.  Then save the profile and your off to the races my friends (use your saved profile whenever you need it) So you should only need to do this once, unless you have different versions of Mixamo animations as I do, but I believe I will be able to get them working now as well.  Hopefully you can figure out the rest from then on as I did. Enjoy!
I am having the same problem with 3DXchange 7. This was one of the main reasons I bought this software as it was compatible with Mixamo animations. I can't get any Mixamo animations into iclone 7. I followed the same video and nope doesn't work, I am even having problems with animations I downloaded months ago, and even animations I have from before Adobe purchased Mixamo don't work . Something is definitely messed up. The crazy thing is, they play fine in 3DXchange, but it refuses to let me convert them.  The few times it did work the animations were messed up quite bad. But usually I just get the big red Light, and yes I tried converting to Non-Standard with the Maya Human-IK.  So what is the deal.  I sure hope this is at the top of your list for fixes. All I can say is I am quit bumbed about it. How about you guys go make a new tutorial showing us how to do this in the newest versions of everything.  That would be quite nice, either that or get the bug fixed so we can all get back to working on our projects :-)
Hi everybody, I have the same problem with 3DXchange from (*.fbx) Mixamo file. 

Do you know when this bug will be fixed ? Plz 

I have important video project will be released January. Thanks a lot.

Stéphane Davi
I am Currently having the same issues, there is no longer a beta character in mixamo, and when i used the xbot and y-bot it does not work. I have tried manually converting to a non standard character and it still does not work. Please let me know if anyone finds a way to fix this. Thank you
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