Character Creator 4
Issue 10931
this is a passable bug with unreal atuo set up and morph creator
Hi I was setting up an NPC for may game with an ongoing story ark of becoming a mom.
So I used morph creator (from IC8) to give her a pregnant slider. I figured to advancing that slider at deferent points in the game is better than having 3 copies of the model.
The slider is only on the dress , problem is while it shows up in unreal nothing would change when I change its value.

after trying a few things with a support agent , i found that it was the cloth paint.
Turns out if I remove cloth data from the drees on any expert I made (original included )
the slider works its just the when the data is applied that it does not work.

I dont know if that is a problem' the atuo set up or just an issue for unreal 5.2
but I figured I let you know for any kind of bug report you guys keep, as you guys have a lot of hair packs with morph sliders so I could see some users wanting to use hair physics and sliders for more expressive animations
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted byJbowdoin