Character Creator 3
Issue 5538
peculiar unusual charactor faces
designers that work at lightening fast speed, need a new facial system, to simplify the process of creating different kinds of extremely realistic heads (face, neck, ears, hair etc) for non human characters, for example, cyclops giants as seen in Sinbad movies, scary ugly monsters, trolls as seen in cartoons (flight of dragons), olga's, alien creatures, sci fi creatures as seen in movies like "phantom of the menace". Obviously it won't be realistic to attempt forcing the complex mathematical algorithms into 1 facial system, because these kinds of faces have different characteristics, so i recommend a modular design approach (sub modules etc), as a kind of hierarchy relationship between diffent kinds of head characteristics. Body below neck is less time consuming because most modellers find it easy to shape lower body parts, but heads (facial details etc) is a unique science within itself, so this is something next gen 3D modellers will appreciate to save time modelling from scratch. Character designers need something truly unique, that can easily produce overwhelmingly stunning results that far surpass the capabilities of tools such as "Genesis Creatue Creature" by DAZ, we need absolute raw power to help create and explore an infinite universe of custom heads for unusual peculiar looking characters for film, games etc, not the boring tools that seem to lack much power, indepth detail, scientific algorithms to create extremely realistic 3D character heads (face, ears, hair etc). This will be a feet of engineering, but will sell for good money, making such a project worthwhile in the long run, and a joy for designers to use and explore a whole universe of heads for monsters, trolls, olga's etc. I've attached 3 files to show an example of some of the kinds of characters next gen designers require to help speed the process of bringing their crazy idea's to life in quick time with less effort, whilst also having the opportunity to explore an infinite universe of peculiar unusual heads for alkinds of sci-fi and biblical ancient characters for film, games etc

We use Linux, not windows or Mac, so its important your tools become multi platform as soon as possible, restrictions are very annoying and Linux is a very mature platform, so please take things more serious, thanks
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bySilent Wind