Character Creator 3
Issue 5597
more polygons on the characters
currently the character from CC3 is around 16k poligons with 32k tris, which while overal still a good number, could be good to add a "more high poly version" for more "ending game pcs and top consoles like xbox one and ps4 and for the income future of ps5 and new xbox, many triple A games already having characters easy above 100k poly (counting body, cloth and hair and any extra) some can easy go around 200k poly, then could be good to have at last a little more high poly "extra version of the character" like a base naked body around 20 to 30k poly(40 to 60k tris), this could be very helpfull for better shape bodys and also better animations and blende shape distortions specially around arms and legs where we still get some ugly deformations, having a little more polygons could help improve that distortions.

we could still have the default 16k body but also get another more high poly body.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byEllessarr