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Issue 6022
jaw not mapped on DAZ Genesis 3 import
Importing fbx file into 3dxchange pipeline (previously exported from DAZ with facial mocap data on it) and accepting automated bone structure conversion, resulting with jaw not mapped warning. After manual mapping nothing could be accomplished, head is moving, but jaw and the eyes not. Its working fine only if you don't accept automated conversion on import, which obviously means that there is nothing wrong with DAZ character, neither with it export (regardless fbx 2011 or 2012 binary, or Reallusion duf file updated, or latest DAZ beta 4.11 update), but with 3dxchange.
More to that, if you try to place any third party facial mocap on any human model (say Reallusion CC3 base model for example), it is impossible to done inside of 3dxchange, because mocap output data in fbx format is unconvertable, only pz2 file through the DAZ export, which becomes the circle with no way out.
In order to work with avatar and not with iProp exported, automated conversion should be fixed in 3dxchange, but is not. Because of that I cant work on my only project on which I work almost two years now.
I cant pay Faceware and other Reallusion dependences to close this workflow inside Reallusion product line. 3dxchange (in your own words) suppose to be open doors to 3d world, not the closed one.
I expect some answer on this, but please nothing about manually fixing (you can try yourself and you will find out why I am saying this)
This is a serious software malfunction, or lack, or bug, whatever you want to call it.

On the other hand, if Reallusion have no intention to open the pipeline for any third party facial mocap software usage through 3dxchange in the future, it is ok, its your software and your right to make it as you wish, but then you should clearly state it, so that we, customers, can come up with some other solution, and not to rely on your promises.
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