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Issue 7292
iClone: Up to 100% GPU usage while idle without any project content
Open iClone. Watch GPU usage in task manager. It varies between 5% and 100%.

Same with CC, but varies between 25% and 100% there. Will make another issue for CC.

I observed that this get much better once I close CC (which was open in parallel), GPU with still peak to 100% every now and then, but on rarely.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byalexis.kyaw
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Well, one last comment on the HP Omen: when CC has focus it goes from 0-2 to at least 8% GPU constant load on the Omen as well. Of course, while typing in the browser CC doesn't have focus, so I didn't immediately see it. The effect doesn't appear in iClone. Here it doesn't matter if it has focus or  not, GPU remains low always.
So, I checked this my HP Omen Laptop as well and the problem does NOT appear there, there GPU-load dances between 0 and 2, sometimes remaining on 0 for a bit.

The NVidia driver on this machine is and it's an RTX 2080 Max-Q (instead of the Quadro RTX 5000 in the ConceptD)

The Windows version is 10.0.18363 build 18363 on this machine. I think the last windows update failing an reverted automatically on this machine, which is why it doesn't have the same version.

On this machine I never had any problems with Unreal or Blender as well.
Btw: I updated Windows and the NVidia driver to the latest versions in the last few days + I'm on the latest version of the Reallusion software

Windows 10.0.19041 Build 19041


These updates had significant effects on the system. Since I made these updates Blender and Unreal Engine are running muuuuuch better. Before Blender was kind of unusable, feeling like being in slow-motion. Since I updated the system doesn't come back from hibernation properly however, as well. I'm just mentioning this because obviously these updates had an effect on 3D performance for these two applications and therefore could also have an effect on iClone and CC.
Actually both my ConceptD and my OMEN laptop shut down due to overheating if I try to render a scene in higher quality over a longer time. Therefore I'm really concerned about the GPU being used for no reason by the software.

However, currently I get the impression as if the software is throwing away a significant portion of the computing power. On the other hand, when rendering with iRay I don't see the GPU load going beyond 50% on average which is also a bit strange - the systems overheat nonetheless.

A setting to limit the use of both GPU and CPU would also be helpful because it would allow to render scenes, even if it takes longer. To avoid the overheating an even simpler approach would work: just add two input for "Pause for X minutes/second after Y frames (or minutes)." In these pauses load should go down to 0, to allow the system to cool down quickly.
Yes, the checkbox "Reduce Idle Load" was already ticked.

Once I open iClone, no project loaded, just the empty initial default project, I get 5% GPU minimum and the fans turn louder within 25 seconds. As long as I only have iClone open it rarely peaks to 100%, but it does. Once I open CC3 as well, they both peak to 100% quite frequently.
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